Minimising bushfire hazards around your home

Leaves on ground

City of Ryde works together with contractors, staff, volunteers and the Government to manage and improve over 205 hectares of natural areas.

However, our community can help minimise hazards through proactive planning and taking a few key actions.

In particular, residents adjoining bushland areas are urged to proactively minimise opportunity for flame fuel threat on their own properties. Ember attack can travel as far as 20 kilometres and not necessarily directly caused from adjoining lands, which poses a greater risk.

Proactive planning

Council encourages the community (especially those living within bushland areas) to have a fire plan in place to ensure you are prepared in the event of a fire emergency.

Visit the Rural Fire Service website for more tips on preparing a bush fire survival plan. It is also recommended that residents plan for household preparedness. Council has launched a tool to assist our community to do this - visit our Climate Wise Communities Ryde page to find out more.

The Red Cross also offers a free app to help you prepare and stay safe during a disaster. Visit our Get Prepared App page to find out more.

Tips for minimising bushfire hazards

Minimising fuel load within your own property is key and the below tips can make a difference:

  • Ensure gutters are clear of debris to reduce ember attack.
  • Do not store fuel sources in the backyard
  • Consider reticulated water systems for roofs.
  • Remove rubbish.
  • Have water tanks on site, with high-pressure pump (electric or powered independent of mains) and hose.
  • Consider installing a fire pump to use water from a swimming pool if you have one.
  • Keep leaf litter within garden beds to a minimum.

Please note: No removal of any trees on private or public land is permitted without consent and fines will apply for illegal removal. Find out more on our Trees page.