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Our Common Ground

Bonus! You will receive a free energy and water assessment for common property (and individual homes on request). Email to find out more.Our Common Ground is a new City of Ryde initiative focused on sustainable food gardening for our residents who live in apartments.

The aim of the program is to bring together City of Ryde residents who live in apartments and arm them with the knowledge and skills to establish and maintain an edible garden together and share the produce. In doing so, it will increase local food production, reduce food waste and create collaborative communities.

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What is involved?

If your building is selected to participate in this program, your building will receive:

  • Tailored gardening workshops, including an on-site workshop at your building to set up your garden bed
  • Gardening supplies for a 1m x 1m garden bed, seeds and seedlings
  • Free compost bin or worm farm and support to start successfully composting
  • Free common area energy, waste and water assessment with tailored advice for reducing your building’s utility costs (and additional free individual home assessments on request)
  • Online support to help answer any gardening questions or concerns you have throughout the program

2019 Spring Program

Residents from up to five apartment buildings will involve others and build a food garden on-site at their building. Expressions of interest for the spring program are open from 1-31 July 2019.


Both renters and owners are invited to apply for Our Common Ground. However, as the program requires strata approval for a garden bed on common property, renters will need to ask an owner to put forward a motion to the executive committee on their behalf.

Owners can submit an item to be included on the agenda of their next strata committee meeting and can vote on the motion.

Selection criteria

Five apartment buildings will be selected for Our Common Ground, based on the following criteria:

  • Apartment building size
  • Number of participating residents
  • Suitability of common area for an edible garden
  • Approval from your strata to use the space for an edible garden
  • Your level of motivation to participate in Our Common Ground
  • Your ability to maintain and manage the edible garden 
  • The composition of renters and owners in your building.

Next steps

  • Express your interest in being part of Our Common Ground before 31 July 2019.
  • Council will send you further information.
  • Council will review all submissions for Our Common Ground.
  • Shortlisted participants will be notified before Saturday 3 August and a site inspection will be carried out. 
  • Successful participants will be notified by Wednesday 7 August 2019.
  • A meet-and-greet session will take place on Thursday 22 August 2019.

Further information

Contact our Home Waste Sustainability Officer on 9952 8198 or email


Last updated on 3 July 2019