Our Common Ground Case Studies

Apartment communities in City of Ryde are embracing local food production and building shared food gardens on the common property of their apartment complexes.

Find out how four groups from the 2021 Autumn program of Our Common Ground took the leap into more sustainable living, learnt new skills, made new friends and reaped the rewards.

Each successful group received:

  • Tailored gardening workshops, including on-site workshop, at the apartment building, to set up a food garden bed. This was facilitated by gardening expert Toni ‘The Veggie Lady’ Salter.
  • Gardening supplies for a 1m x 1m garden bed and seeds and seedlings.
  • Free compost bin or worm farm and support to start successfully composting.
  • Free energy, waste and water assessments with tailored advice for reducing utility costs.
  • Online support to help answer any gardening questions or concerns throughout the program.

Delhi Rd | Nutritious and Delhicious

Group of people gardening outside apartment complex

  • 185 units
  • Vegepod, worm farm and compost tumbler

The Nutritious and Delhicious group formed after five individuals from the same property expressed an interest through the application process.  Through the sharing of contacts, these individuals successfully formed a group and now have established a Vegepod garden near the communal BBQ area.  “I love having the garden near the common area for it allows us to water the garden on the way to and from the train station”. 

The group is now planning to establish a more permanent garden beds adjacent to their building and introducing more worm farms to manage their organic waste.   They also have a waiting list of residents that want to share their waste and participate in the extension of their beds.

Belmore Rd | Be More Green

Group of people gardening outside apartment complex

  • 15 units
  • No dig garden, worm farm and compost bin

“Be More Green” established their garden in an unused area, that was originally filled with clothes lines and contained a single compost bin.  The strata committee supported the group by fencing the area and allowing gardening items to be stored in the “old tradesman toilet”.  A roster has been organised for watering and one-member is harvesting and sharing the produce. “It’s lovely surprise to come home and discover freshly harvested basil from our gardens sitting in the old wooden box next to my front door”

The group now have two working compost bins, netted to stop the possums and are planning for their second garden bed. 

Union St | Fruity Lot

Group of people gardening outside apartment complex

  • 15 units
  • No dig garden, worm farm and compost bin

The group had to work hard to initially generate interest in the project, however once the garden was established more residents have become more involved.  From a low garden knowledge this group are now composting, using homemade organic pesticide, learning to harvest and planning for spring.  Plans for the expansion of the composting system, garden and fire pit are underway.

Victoria Rd | Team Victoria

Group of people gardening outside apartment complex

  • 120 units
  • Vegepod situated in a common area on a north facing balcony

Team Victoria established their garden in an empty concreted common area in their two-year old apartment complex.  The vegetable garden for the first time made this area inviting to the residents.  The group aim is to establish a sustainable oasis the for residents where they can compost, grow food, and meet.