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Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy

The Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy sets out to achieve sustainable planning and design that will improve the transport future of the City of Ryde. The document is a strategic plan integrating transport options with land use planning requirements. It provides a series of actions and recommendations, structured around a City Wide and six key centre reports.

The Strategy identifies key transport and land use development corridors within the City of Ryde. These corridors are significant to traffic movements across Metropolitan Sydney and are locally significant to residents of our City.

The three key transport and land use development corridors within the City of Ryde have been identified as Macquarie Park (Epping Road, M2, Epping to Chatswood rail link), the Northern Line rail corridor and Victoria Road. Specific actions have been identified for the six centres that make up these corridors.

Centre specific actions are summarised in separate centre based reports for: Macquarie Park, Eastwood Town Centre, West Ryde Town Centre, Meadowbank Sydney Buses Centre, Ryde Town Centre and Gladesville Town Centre.

Actions are built around the following key areas:

A1 - Public Transport, Community Transport, Personal Public Transport and Taxi Actions
A2 - Walking and Cycling Actions
A3 - Road Management Actions
A4 - Integrated Land Use Planning Actions
A5 - Travel Demand Management Actions

Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy Document

Section 1
Contains Transport and Land Use Context, Opportunities and Constraints, Public Transport, Walking and Cycling, Road Management, Travel Demand Management and Educational Strategies, Transport and Land Use Planning, Parking Review

Sections 2 - 7
Contains Description of Area, Previous Work Undertaken by Council, Planning Controls and Studies - Summaries, Summary of Planning Objectives, Summary of Planning Controls, Land Use, Trip Demand, Transport Modes, Rail, Bus, Taxi, Community Transport, Walking, Cycling, Road, Parking, Opportunities and Constraints, A Plan for each Centre.


Last updated on 3 August 2015