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Existing Customers

What would you like to do? 

Adjust Your Contact Details

Use this online form or fill out the Adjustment to Commercial Waste Collection Agreement(PDF, 118KB) if you are, for example, moving within the council area and wish to continue your service, your details are no longer up to date, or your details have recently change.

The completed form can be returned to Council via:

Request an Additional Collection 

Call 9952 8118 if you require a once off additional collection.

Note: May require additional sign off if it costs more than a regular service.

Report a Missing/Stolen Bin

Fill out a the online form or complete the Missing Commercial Waste Bin pdf form(PDF, 108KB). Alternatively contact Customer Service on 9952 8222.

Note: Please confirm that you have checked with their neighbours and around the street.

Report a Damaged Bin

Fill out the online form or Contact Customer Service on 9952 8222.

Report a Missed Service

Fill out the online form or contact Customer Service on 9952 8222.

Terminate Your Agreement

Fill out a Terminate Commercial Waste Agreement form(PDF, 135KB) if you wish to terminate your commercial waste service agreement with Council.

The completed form can be returned to Council via: 

Last updated on 26 September 2017