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General Waste Collection

Each residence is provided with one 140 litre red lid garbage bin emptied weekly. Additional bins are available (extra charge applies), see the Residential Bins section for more information.

  • only Council issued bins will be emptied
  • excess garbage in bags or cartons will not be collected
  • bins overflowing, weighing greater than 70kg and/or containing unacceptable material will not be emptied.

Council will Collect:

Accepted ItemsFood scraps

Accepted ItemsDisposable nappies

Accepted ItemsSmall broken household items such as china and glassware

Accepted ItemsPlastic bags, garbage bags and non-recyclable plastic and food packaging.

Council will NOT collect: 

Not Accepted ItemsBuilding materials

Not Accepted ItemsBatteries - drop household batteries into the Problem Waste Recycling Stations or Community Recycling Centre 

Not Accepted ItemsGarden waste - place in your green lid garden organics bin 

Not Accepted ItemsRecyclable packaging - place in your yellow lid recycling bin


Last updated on 24 January 2019