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Litter Prevention


Ryde's Commitment To Reduce Litter

Clean up Australia 2018

Every year City of Ryde participates in the national clean up event. Local residents, community groups, schools and businesses joined forces earlier this month for the annual Clean Up Australia Day activities. The City of Ryde had an impressive voluntary showing of 22 community groups, 6 businesses and 13 schools all pulling on the gloves to clean up our parks, natural areas, rivers and creeks. 

Click here to see the photo gallery of the Clean Up Australia Day activities.

Gladesville Catchment Litter Reduction Campaign

Hey Tosser Gladesville flyer

The City of Ryde have partnered with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to turn Gladesville into a litter free area by co-founding the Gladesville Catchment Litter Reduction campaign. The campaign is an anti-littering project encouraging community groups, local businesses and individuals to promote a litter free city and waterways.

This campaign will help improve the health of the Parramatta River and the Parramatta River Catchment Groups (PRGC) aim to make the river swimmable again by 2025, as part of the Our Living River initiative. To read about Council's involvement with the PRCG or to view the Parramatta River Coastal Zone Management Plan go to our Parramatta River page. 

To find out how you and friends can help or participate in the anti-littering campaign, click here.

What Else Has Council Done?

The City of Ryde is determined to reverse littering behaviour and clean up our streets, public spaces and waterways for everyone to enjoy. To minimise litter and to encourage recyclable waste disposal in public areas, these are the initiatives we have taken:

Public Awareness

  • A new river scape mural in Trim Place on Victoria Road, Gladesville, encourages members of the public to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of litter.

  • 25 drain grates in and around Gladesville have been highlighted with a 'healthy river starts here' stenciled message, reminding the community 'to think before they toss'.
  • Waste, recycle and butt-out bins in parks, sports fields, shopping centres and public spaces also encourage the community to do the right thing. 


  • A schools poster competition invited children in Gladesville, Putney and Tennyson Point to design an anti-littering themed poster. Four age-category winners will be announced in September. 
  • 400 'No Litter' colouring books teaching kids the impact littering has on the environment. 

The 2016 schools poster competition encouraged children living or studying in Gladesville, Putney and Tennyson Point to design an anti-littering themed poster. To see the winning entries as well as the People's Choice Award, please view the photo gallery below.

Local Business

  • More than 400 individuals, businesses and community groups have taken the pledge to support the anti-litter campaign. 
  • Over 1,00 car litter bags provided for customers to encourage them to dispose of their litter responsibly and not to toss it out the window.

Public Awareness Gallery

What You Can Do

There are several ways you can participate in the Litter in Waterways, Gladesville campaign, or help with anti-littering in general. 

How Individuals Can Help 
Take the Anti-Littering Pledge(DOCX, 103KB) and email it to

How Businesses Can Help
Take the Anti-Littering Business Pledge(DOCX, 108KB) and email it to
After making your pledge help promote the campaign by displaying anti-littering posters or stickers on your business premises, provided to you by Council for free. 

How Schools and Community Groups Can Help
Host an Anti-Litter Presentation at your school or Community Group meeting. To register your interest, email or phone Council's Waste Project Officer 9952 8390.

Report Littering from a Vehicle
If you see someone littering from a vehicle you can report it by going to the EPA Website here

Clean Up Australia Day
Why not take part in a local clean up on Clean Up Australia Day. Click here to register.


More Information

For more information about litter in public places please contact Council's Waste Project Officer on 9952 8390 or email

Last updated on 6 March 2018