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Litter Prevention

Ryde's Commitment to Reduce Litter

Council is actively working with members of our local community to address littering to ensure the protection of our local flora and fauna.

To help reduce the incidences of littering, Council has taken several steps to educate the local community and encourage people to do the right thing and not litter. This includes the following:

  • Installing public place recycling bins in highly transited areas
  • Installing cigarette butt bins and decals directing smokers to bins
  • Beautifying areas so they are less likely to attract litter
  • Development and promotion of anti-littering murals, to remind people to do the right thing and not litter
  • Development and distribution of educational material to combat littering
  • Enforcement, this includes issuing warning and fines for littering
  • Participation in the state-wide ‘Tosser Blitz’ in May 2020.

Fines for littering

City of Ryde enforcement rangers will be monitoring littering hot spots in Ryde. Littering fines can range from $80 - $750 depending on the offender (business or individual) and the item being littered.

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Prevent litter everyday

It’s easy to prevent litter every day. You can:

  • Put your rubbish in a bin
  • Take your rubbish with you if no bin is available
  • Keep a bag in your car to collect rubbish
  • Put your cigarette butt in a bin, or an ordinary litter bin when extinguished
  • Keep a container in your car to collect cigarette butts
  • Buy less packaging and use reusable containers
  • You can also report littering from vehicles.

Report littering from a vehicle

If you see someone littering from their vehicle, you can report them to the EPA. Fines from $250 for an individual and $500 for a corporation can be issued from your report.

To report littering from a vehicle you need to:

  • Have actually seen the litter being thrown, or blown, from the vehicle
  • Provide the vehicle registration details and the location where the littering took place
  • Report the incident within 14 days.

Make a report online.

Last updated on 24 April 2020