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Responsible Cafes


The City of Ryde has recently signed on with Responsible Cafes to encourage coffee venues to become ‘Responsible Cafes’. The City of Ryde and 5 for Ryde have been working together with over 50 local cafes to become Responsible Cafes and to provide customers with a discount when they bring their own reusable coffee cup.

Did you know? 

  • Most disposable coffee cups are plastic coated and cannot be recycled.
  • It is estimated over 3 million disposal cups and lids go to landfill each year. 

Join the war against waste and help reduce single-use coffee cups going to landfill.

Get Involved
  • Calling all coffee lovers: Find a Responsible Café near you, bring your reusable coffee cup to save money and reduce waste to landfill.
    Click here to search the map and find the
    Responsible Cafés near you.
  • Calling all coffee venues: Local cafes and restaurants keen to make a difference can sign up at no cost to receive free promotional material and exposure via the complimentary listings on websites such as Responsible Cafes, 5 for Ryde and City of Ryde. Most cafes offer between 50c and $1 off but cafes can choose a discount that suits them best.
    Click here to sign your coffee venue up.

The feedback from participating cafes has been tremendous. Based on surveys targeting over 100 Responsible Cafes, cafes are saving on average 27.8 cups a day, or nearly 11,000 a year just by offering a discount. Newly signed up cafes have reported a 117% increase in customers who their own cups. It is estimated that Responsible Cafes across Australia are saving a combined 30 million cups and lids a year from going to landfill.

This is a City of Ryde Waste Services initiative in partnership with Responsible Cafes and 5 for Ryde

Last updated on 20 November 2017