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Alcohol service | Children's activities | Fireworks/pyrotechnices | FoodFundraising | Music (live or pre-recorded) | Noise | RidesRoad closures or traffic disruptions 

Please note: the following information is provided as a guide only and all requirements and guidelines should be checked by the event organiser before proceeeding.

Alcohol service

Approval required: Yes - Liquor Licence
Regulating body: Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, ph: 1300 024 720 
Submit application: At least one month prior to event
Fee: Yes 
Guidelines/regulations: Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification is required for anyone serving alcohol or providing security for areas in which alcohol is consumed. Signage must be displayed as per legislation.

If you intend to sell or supply alcohol, you need to apply for the appropriate liquor licence from the Liquor Administration Board and submit this licence to the Licensing Police at least 14 days prior to the date of the event. You also need to provide a copy of the licence to Council 7 days prior to the event. Your event may fall under one of these licence categories:

  • Limited licence: A limited licence for a single function allows a not-for-profit organisation, like a sports club or community group, to sell alcohol for consumption during a single event. This licence does not allow for takeaway sales. Common events include: balls, conventions, dinners, exhibitions, fairs, fetes, carnivals, performances, race meetings, sporting events, and other events or activities conducted for public amusement or entertainment, or to raise funds for a charitable purpose.
  • On-premises licence: An on-premises licence allows the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises when another product or service - including food, entertainment and accommodation - is sold, supplied, or provided to customers.

For more information, fact sheets and application forms see the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority website.

Children's Activities

Approval required: No, but entertainers or those running children's activities must have a Working with Children Check.
Regulating body: Office of the Children’s Guardian
Submit application: At least four weeks prior to event
Fee: Yes, however volunteers are exempt from fee
Guidelines/regulations: Working with Children guidelines - see Office of the Children’s Guardian for more information.


Approval required: Yes – license from SafeWork NSW and Council approval required for use in parks and public areas 
Regulating body: SafeWork NSW (guidelines), City of Ryde (enforcement) 
Submit application: Notification must be submitted to SafeWork by a licensed pyrotechnician at least seven days prior to event. Council approval requires confirmation of SafeWork notification.
Fee: Yes - notification and single use licence fees apply, see SafeWork NSW
Guidelines/regulations: The use of fireworks or pyrotechnic displays are limited to those holding a pyrotechnician's licence or a fireworks (single use) licence. Single use licences are issued by SafeWork for the purpose of using display fireworks (ground display, Chinese string or theatrical / indoor) for a single occasion / event only. For more information, see the SafeWork website.


Approval required: Not required for food stalls at events run by groups where any profits are directed back to the community (e.g. charities, sports clubs, Rotary clubs, community groups etc).  Council approval is required for stalls selling food for commercial purposes and for mobile vending units. 
Regulating body: NSW Food Authority (guidelines), City of Ryde (enforcement) 
Submit application: Notification needs to be provided to Council Health Officers at least 1 week prior to the event.
Fee: Yes - for mobile vending and commercial food stalls only. Inspections may be required at the event including an additional fee.
Guidelines/regulations: Adherence to The Food Act 2003 (NSW) and Food Standards Code. Inspection of stalls and mobile vending vehicles by Council Health Officers. If food is sold at a fundraising event for community or charitable causes, you are not required to notify the NSW Food Authority as long as the food is eaten immediately after thorough cooking and does not pose a possible health risk. Examples include: school fetes where the proceeds are donated to a charitable organisation, a sausage-sizzle to raise funds for a junior soccer club, a lamington drive to raise money for the victims of a natural disaster, selling chocolates to raise money for a charitable organisation. For more information see the NSW Food Authority website.


Approval required: Permit required for games of chance if the prize value exceeds $10,000.
Regulating body: NSW Fair Trading (, ph: 9995 0894 
Submit application: At least 25 days prior to event
Fee: No
Guidelines/regulations: Compliance with the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901 and the Lotteries and Art Unions Regulation 2014 guidelines covering prohibited prizes, maximum prize value, ticket formats, allowable expenses and advertising restrictions. Approval is required to conduct a free-entry trade promotion lottery if the total prize value for a single trade promotion exceeds $10,000. More information regarding charitable fundraising and games of chance is available on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Music (live or pre-recorded)

Approval required: Yes - OneMusic
Regulating body: Australasian Performing Rights Association, ph: 1800 852 388
Submit application:  No later than 72 hours prior to event
Fee: Yes 
Guidelines/regulations: Music is protected by copyright law, and if your event includes the performance of either live or recorded music, you will need to source a license from OneMusic. OneMusic is a joint initiative between Australia’s two music rights management organisations, APRA AMCOS and PPCA. These organisations act as a copyright collection agency on behalf of composers, authors and publishers by licensing the use of their music. If your sporting event, concert, festival or event is free to the public, you will still require a OneMusic licence to play copyright music. The licence fee can vary depending on the scale of the event and the type of performances. For more information, fact sheets and application forms see the OneMusic website.


Approval required: No, but guidelines apply
Regulating body: Environment Protection Authority (guidelines), NSW Police and Council (enforcement)
Submit application: N/A
Fee: N/A
Additional regulations:  Adherence to guidelines under Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2008. For more information, fact sheets and application forms see the Environment Protection Authority website.

Rides and amusements

Approval required: Yes
Regulating body: SafeWork NSW
Submit application: Yes
Fee: Yes
Additional regulations: Certain amusement devices must be registered with SafeWork NSW. There are also requirements around the operation, inspection and maintenance of logbooks. For more information see SafeWork NSW.

Road closures or traffic disruptions

Approval required: Yes
Regulating body: Council, Transport for NSW and NSW Police
Submit application: At least 4 months prior to event
Fee: N/A
Additional regulations: Various guidelines apply in relation to the planning, implementation and monitoring of road closures.  If your event will require road closures or the closure of one or more lanes on a road you need approval from Council's Traffic Committee, the Police and transport authorities. Transport for NSW has a guide to traffic and transport management for special events that can be found on their website.


Last updated on 23 March 2021