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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Details on this page may be subject to change closer to the event date.  

What is the Granny Smith Festival?
An annual festival celebrating the legacy of a local citizen, Maria Ann Smith, who, in 1868, grew the first batch of green apples that came to be known as Granny Smith. The community festival includes a parade, stalls, entertainment and ends with a firework display.

Where is it held?
The festival is held in and around the Eastwood shopping precinct and Eastwood oval.

What happens if it rains?
The festival goes ahead rain, hail or shine!

What time does the parade start?
Best viewing for the Parade is at 10 am on Rowe Street, Eastwood.

Where does the parade go?
The parade begins at Eastwood Oval and heads down Lakeside Road, turns right into Glen Street, left into Shaftsbury St and left into Rowe Street before heading back into Lakeside Rd from the Avenue.

What time are the fireworks?
Fireworks begin around 8 pm.

Are there accessible toilets at the festival?
Yes, accessible toilets are located in various locations around the festival.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, but they must remain on leash at all times. Please remember to clean up after your dog and make sure they get plenty of water and shade if it's a hot day.

Will there be alcohol sold?
Yes, alcohol will be served - but limited to the new Licensed Cider Bar Area. The Granny Smith Festival will have its very first ‘Granny’s Cider Bar’ near Eastwood Train station this year. 

Can I bring alcohol?
No, The festival site is within the Eastwood precinct alcohol free zone, the area will be monitored by Security and Police as per usual.

How do I get there?
Eastwood train station is right next door and buses head through Eastwood from all directions. You can also get the free Shop Ryder shuttle service. You'll find more information on the Getting There section.

Is there parking?
Parking will be limited and will fill early on the day. You may find parking in the streets around Eastwood but be prepared to walk some distance to the Festival area. Try to catch public transport instead. If you have a disability parking permit and require close access to the Festival, use our free Drop Off Zone. Entry is on the corner of Shaftsbury Road and Hillview Lane located on the Festival Map near the Family Zone. See the Getting There section for more information.

Will there be road closures?
Sections of road will be closed from 6 pm the night before until 10 pm (or when safe to re-open roads) on the day of the festival. Temporary road closures are also in place during the street parade from 9 am - 11 am. See details on road closures.

Where can I access drinking water from?
Water stations will be placed around the event site for the public. Please bring your own re-useable bottle. Stallholder will not be selling plastic water bottles. 

Last updated on 4 October 2018