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Granny Smith Virtual Kids Cooking Classes

Calling all kids, to join us for a virtual, hands on cooking class via Zoom!

The Granny Smith Festival celebrates food, fun and everything apples but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not able to gather together in person like usual. This year we will instead be giving the opportunity for all mini chefs to participate in our free, fun, educational and delicious cooking classes, hosted by Kids Love to Cook.

Step-by-step guidance and apple inspired recipes will be provided to all participants by our professional hosts. Classes are open to suggested the age range of 7-14 years with all skill levels - some parental involvement may be needed, based on the experience level of the chef.

Sign up now to learn, cook and eat all things apples! 

Classes are FREE. Please be mindful that we only have limited spots available, if you are unable to make it please cancel your booking. 

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About the classes

  1. Each session is aimed at a specific age group (7-14), however older children are welcome to join with a younger group, particularly if you’re cooking as a family group.
  2. Each group has a limited number of participants.
  3. Book an online Kids Cooking class of your choice to secure your spot.
  4. Choose a class that is suitable for your child/teen’s skill level.
  5. You will be sent:
    • Zoom link
    • A downloadable Recipe - with the ingredients shopping list and equipment that your child/teen will need. In most cases, you will have most of the equipment already at home, and it will only be the ingredients that you’ll need to purchase.
  6. Your child/teen is welcome to attend the class with the video off, so the Presenter is visible, but the participants (including the Presenter) cannot see your child.
  7. Safety - Steps and procedures that require adult supervision will be included in the recipe and discussed during the class. (hot or sharp equipment)
  8. Log in with your child at the designated time - say hello, and then we will take over and cook together with the group.
  9. The class is 1-1.25 hrs, depending upon the recipe.
  10. We suggest that you arrive at the Zoom session 5-10 minutes ahead of time, to ensure that your child can see and hear and for a team member to confirm identity.
  11. A group chat is available to ask questions during the session.
  12. Can be substituted for Food allergies / intolerances


The online workshops are hosted by Beth from Sydney cooking school - Kids Love to Cook.




Last updated on 14 September 2021