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ChargedUp: Electric Vehicles Webinar

About the event

Join City of Ryde for a free one-hour webinar on Zoom about Electric Vehicle (EV) technology and charging solutions.

Hear from expert guest speakers about the following:

  • EV growth and barriers to adopting technology
  • “The what, why and when guide to EV buying in Australia”
  • EVs and the Long-Weekend: personal perspective from early adopters
  • EV charging for different uses (including for Strata and apartment blocks)
  • The current state of EV technology
  • EVs and carbon emissions
  • EV integration with solar power
  • Where best to go for consumer information about EVs.


Our guest speakers will share their personal experience driving EVs. They will also be available to answer any questions from the audience. 

Evan Darmanin

Evan Darmanin

Evan Darmanin is the Director and Principal Consultant of ChargeWorks, an independent consultancy in solar PV, battery storage and EV charging. He is an EV driver and technologist dedicated to the latest developments in clean energy products and business models.

ChargeWorks has delivered consulting services and training courses in renewable energy technology and EV charging for local and state government agencies across NSW. Evan also currently teaches Foundations in Renewable Energy and Sustainability at the NSW TAFE (Ultimo Campus) as part of the Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies).

Bryce Gaton

Bryce Gaton

Currently the EV Electrical Safety Trainer/Supervisor at the School of Engineering, University of Melbourne, Bryce has been building, driving and writing about Electric Vehicles (EVs) since 2008 and in his most recent EV (a Hyundai Kona electric) has covered more than 20,000km—including multiple interstate trips. His interest in EVs comes in part from his desire to lead a low-environmental impact lifestyle.

He regularly writes on EV topics for TheDriven website and Renew magazine and on behalf of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) presents on EV issues and opportunities to government, business and community groups.

Bryce is the secretary of the Victorian branch of the AEVA, coordinator of AEVA's 2020 EV Vision event week (Sept 25 - October 3) and editor of EV News.

Brent Clark

Brent Clark

Brent Clark is the CEO and founder of energy consultancy, Wattblock. Wattblock has assisted apartment buildings housing over 60,000 residents with solar feasibility, energy efficiency and electric vehicle charging reports. Wattblock’s projects include working for Advance Queensland, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, and North Sydney, Mosman and Woollahra councils.

Brent specialises in breaking down the barriers to solar and specialises in EV charging for strata and apartment buildings. 

Electric vehicles in the City of Ryde

In December 2019, Council sought community feedback via a survey on EV uptake and charging infrastructure in our City. Three out of four respondents expressed they would consider purchasing an EV to reduce fuels costs and greenhouse gases emissions, and asked for more information in this space. Our community also pointed out that some of the main barriers to purchasing EVs included shortage of charging stations, price, limited range of distance, time required to charge and a lack of general understanding of the technology. This webinar seeks to answer these questions and more.

City of Ryde is a dedicated supporter of the uptake of EV technology. Some initiatives undertaken by Council include:

  • Walking the talk: Council has recently incorporated two 100% EVs and accompanying charging stations into its fleet as the first step in transitioning away from petrol-only vehicles. It is a long-term, sustainable and cost-effective investment with significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Installation of community EV chargers: Council intends to roll out public EV charging stations in the near future that will complement existing community charging locations at key spots across our City.
  • Supporting community installation of EV charges: To facilitate a widespread adoption of EVs, the City of Ryde encourages the installation of charging stations across our City. This includes, but is not limited to, destination chargers that can be installed by residents, local businesses, shops and tourism attractions on their respective properties. 

Find out more about electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the City of Ryde on our Electric Vehicles page, which includes our recently developed EV Charging Information Sheet to assist residents and businesses in accessing charging information for transition.

Event video

Watch the below video to find out what happened at the webinar.

Date & Time

Wednesday 05 August 2020 / 5.00PM - 6.00PM


City of Ryde
Phone: 9952 8222


Free. Registrations essential before 2pm on Wednesday 5 August.
Registered participants will receive the meeting link via email.

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