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Crank Zappa art installation

Crank Zappa, the hot tempered electric jellyfish, is coming to Eastwood Mall to tell us what he thinks about litter! 

Made from litter found in a nearby waterway from items such as plastic bags, coffee cups, straws and beverage containers, Crank Zappa interacts with you by lighting up and talking. Designed by artist Amigo and Amigo, he engages the public, creating an accessible and engaging platform for people to learn about the impacts of littering behaviour.  Littering is a major issue globally, with 95 per cent of litter found at our beaches coming from our streets via the stormwater and over 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in our oceans each year.

Crank Zappa was a big hit at VIVID 2018, especially with kids, and this is a special opportunity to see him in our City. 

The installation will be in operation at the West Parade end of Rowe Street Mall in Eastwood from 22-26 August from 5.00-9.00pm each evening.  

The Crank Zappa installation in Eastwood is supported by the City of Ryde and proudly funded by the NSW Government.

Date & Time

Wednesday 22 August 2018 / 5.00PM - 9.00PM
Thursday 23 August 2018 / 5.00PM - 9.00PM
Friday 24 August 2018 / 5.00PM - 9.00PM
Saturday 25 August 2018 / 5.00PM - 9.00PM
Sunday 26 August 2018 / 5.00PM - 9.00PM


City of Ryde
Phone: 9952 8222




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Rowe Street, Eastwood New South Wales 2122

Eastwood Mall

Rowe Street, Eastwood 2122

Last updated on 17 August 2018