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Movies At Macquarie University

Movies at Macquarie is back with a free movie followed by a panel discussion featuring Macquarie experts and hosted by award winning journalist and film critic, Marc Fennell. Get comfy on bean bags, experience total clarity with our excellent audio-visual system, enjoy popcorn, snacks or even dinner and a glass of wine from our food and beverage menu.

5pm - 5.45pm: Pre-movie social and food & beverage (Marxines Courtyard, C10A).

6pm - 8pm: Movie screening: Lucy (E7B Indoor Coutryard)

8pm - 9pm: Panel discussion hosted by Marc Fennell and featuring Macquarie experts: Dr Penny Van Bergen, Associate Professor Jennifer Cornish and Dr Carol Newall

About the Movie

Lucy (2014) centres on the notion that we use only 10% of our brainpower. However, a new nootropic drug (or ‘smart drug’), CPH4, has the power to unlock this brainpower and provide the recipient with superhuman cognitive and physical abilities. The movie begins when the title character, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), is tricked by her boyfriend into meeting a Korean crime syndicate and forced against her will to become a drug mule. While internally transporting CPH4, Lucy is kicked in the stomach. The bag holding the drug spits, and CPH4 floods Lucy’s system. Chased by the crime syndicate and experiencing increasingly dramatic surges in brainpower, telekenisis, and physical strength, Lucy turns to Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) for help.

In this Movies at Macquarie session we discuss several of the arguments made in the movie about human learning, including the notion that we only use 10% of our brainpower, the suggestion that we can take specific drugs to make us smarter, and the existence of telekenisis and similar cognitive abilities. We conclude with an overview of human learning according to science, with suggestions for sorting neuromyths from facts. This is a free event and open to the public.

Date & Time

Tuesday 13 December 2016 / 5.00PM - 9.00PM


Macquarie University
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