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Tabletop Roleplaying Games Convention - MacquarieCon

MacquarieCon is a roleplaying convention run by the Macquarie University Roleplaying Society (MURPS). 

It runs each year in the second weekend of December at Macquarie University (for detailed instructions on how to get to Macquarie University, please see our website). 

The main purpose of the convention is for roleplayers to play prepared games. 

A variety of game genres are available, including regular table-tops (such as D&D), ongoing campaigns (such as those organised by the Pathfinder Society). 

Each session will run in 3-hour slots, with Pathfinder running in 5-hour slots. 

There will also be a Magic the Gathering TCG Tournament taking places on the Sunday, as well as access to a free Board Games Library all day, everyday. 

Players generally play in teams of five, though there is room for smaller groups.

Date & Time

Friday 11 December 2015 / 8.00AM - 8.00PM
Saturday 12 December 2015 / 8.00AM - 8.00PM
Sunday 13 December 2015 / 8.00AM - 4.00PM


MURPS (Macquarie University Role Playing Society)


$5 a session. (maximum $15 a day)

Register Online


Macquarie University , W5C building, Macquarie Park 2109 View Map

-33.773869, 151.112617
W5C building, Macquarie Park New South Wales 2109

Macquarie University

W5C building, Macquarie Park 2109

Last updated on 19 November 2015