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2020 SWAP Judges

Rox De Luca

Rox De Luca is a visual artist based in Bondi Beach who exhibits regularly in both solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Her most recent installation Still gleaning for plastic, on the beach showcased works she created using materials she found washed up her local beach.

Rox completed a Bachelor of Arts (Visual) from Canberra School of Art (1985) and a Graduate Diploma in Arts Administration, University of NSW (1988).

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Shane Forrest

Shane Forrest is an artist based in Newtown who has been exhibiting his solo shows in Australia and Japan since 1981.

He produces his work with mainly reclaimed materials and creates both 2D and 3D works informed by his environment and its inhabitants.

Shane completed a Masters of Art at the College of Fine Art, UNSW in 1995. He also teaches Visual Arts and Japanese at Dulwich Hill High School of Visual Arts and Design.

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Jo Taranto

Jo Taranto is the director and co-founder of Good For The Hood, a social enterprise that’s all about projects that help people and the planet.

A self-proclaimed average human with a super human caffeine addiction, she’s not afraid to jump in a bin, onto a solar farm or in front of a camera to get her message across.

Driven by a passion for empowering ordinary people to create community change, Jo’s mission is to build connections for the good of any ‘hood.

For more information visit Good For The Hood


Last updated on 8 September 2020