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SWAP Finalists

SWAP | Open Category

Open to artists and members of the community who are 18 years and over.


Adam Galea Inside
Aleksei Vanamois Mangrove
Anna Mango Scrap Jacket
Anna Mango & Tarja Martin Nice day for a waste wedding
Anna Thieben What we leave behind
Atique Abrar Recycled Race Truck
Christine Wiltshier Mummy-long-legs
Cumberland Artists Together (CAT) Udder Nonsense
Debby Sanurryta Fairy Dress
Erica Covolan Fragmented Leaf
Helen Hukins The Second Wave
Jack Lagan The Science of Art Unlocks
Jacob Moyers Marlin
Janny Grant Bloomin' Machine
Jeonga Ohsha Fat Bee
Jessika Steiner ISO Drifting
Julie Scully Hope (aka Ms Bottomley Potts)
Juliet Holden Lisa in Lockdown
Leanne Cowie 2020 Vision
Lesley Richman Caged
Lyndsey Hatchwell Jellyfish Junk
Marcella Ordonez What Nourishes us, Destroys us
Marcella Ordonez King of the Bin
Marina Robins Fruit Bowl
Marissa O'Donnell Isolation Collection - Apocalyptic Attire
Mark Fallone We 3 Kings
Mark Farran Bottle Cap
Martin Watson The Western Star
Mary Boland Tik Tok
Mary Boland Not a Monastery Garden
Megan Mackenzie Beads of a Feather
Mi Ok Kim Easter Fish
Milka Ordonez I pray for our world…
Moira McGuire The Knights Cat
Narges Aflatounian Unsustainable vs Sustainable Tree
Nichola Bryan Paulette The Party Pony
Nicole Williams Telefishion
Nina Conti Mother and Baby Sunbird in their nest
Penny Simons Nature vs Rubbish Basket
Rashi Srivastava Burnt Twice
Ravinder Kaur The Brolly Bunting
Rekha Joshi Sustainability, Creativity and Nurture combined is Mindfulness
Sue Stafford Recycle Reef
Taylor Angelo Business as Usual
Therese Mackenzie Pop out
Tracie Axton Cellules en Plastique
Tracie Axton Plastic Metropolis
Victoria Monk Wide Brown Land


Open to young people aged 14 to 17 years


Alana Palmiotto Grace and Salvage
Alise Monden One last breath
Charlotte Hill Everlasting Bouquet
Claudia Taylor Riding Through a Field of Flowers
Clover Barnard Plarn Products
Elijah Elias BBQ
Ella Arbuthnot Surfs up
Elyssa Pilapil Colourful Flowers
Emma Whitmore Natural Flare
Layla Darwich Confined
Luke Broughton Motor Bike
Rhianna Khamis What's Your Flava?
Sam Armstrong Shoe Stand
St Lucy's School The Layers of Our World
Stella Kim Flower Forest
Sabrina Della Franca Washed Ashore
Zeta Lee Cosmic Angles

JUNIOR YEP | Younger Category

Open to young people aged 10 to 13


Antoinette Dinning The Turtles of Tomorrow
Anushua Dutta The Mask of Waru
Chelsea Wisemantel There is no planet B
Chelsy - Lee Ordonez De Cross Whole: An Ode to Gonzo'
Genevieve Dinning The Magic of Recycling
Gladesville Public School The Great Wave of Rubbish
Ineke Joscelyne Patterns of COVID (Bakery treats)
Jaime Clarke Golden Boot
Josie Said Our Planet
Noemi Parodi Clotha Lisa
Samuel Blair Whale's tale of pollution
Stephanie Wilcock Too late to say I'm sorry!
Tahlia Hall Living in a World of Waste
Vivaan Srivastava The two sides of the submarine
Yehansa Dahanayake Read n' Walk a Thong

Last updated on 17 September 2020