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Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Chinese, Korean, Tamil

Ryde Library Services has collections in Chinese, Korean, and Tamil that include books, compact discs, and DVDs suitable for adults and children. 

The Chinese collection is available at all Ryde libraries, the Korean collection is available at all Ryde libraries, and the Tamil collection is only available at West Ryde Library. All titles in these collections can be found on the library catalogue, and can be placed on reserve.    

Other Languages

A collection of books in languages other than English (LOTE), can be borrowed by the Ryde Library Service from the State Library of New South Wales. These books are sent for a period of three months only.

The collection includes:

  • Adult fiction books
  • Adult popular non-fiction titles such as history, poetry and drama, cookery, medical information, crafts, politics and other select subjects
  • Resources for children such as picture books, nursery rhymes, fables, bilingual books and sound recordings
  • Resources for learning languages other than English.

These resources are in book format, including large print and audio-visual format.

In some languages the size of the collection is small and a limited number of books can be loaned. Ryde Library Services will request boxes of books in available languages, but not Chinese, Korean, or Tamil items. 

View the 2016 Schedule for Requesting Books in Languages other than English from the State Library of New South Wales(PDF, 14KB)

Last updated on 29 January 2016