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Arthur Mashford

Interview with Arthur Mashford

Arthur Mashford, son of Gladesville's first mailman, describes his childhood and young adult years from World War I to World War II. He discusses various events such as the celebrations at the end of World War I, the 1919 flu epidemic and the impact of the depression on the district. He recalls his education and discusses his working life, particularly Weils Hardware, and concludes with post World War II problems in the retail trade.

Interviewer: Pauline Curby 
Date of the interview: 21 October 1997

Audio extracts (.wav format):

  1. Childhood memories in Gladesville
  2. Billy Hughes and World War I
  3. 1919 Flu Epidemic
  4. Growing up in Glades Bay
  5. School days
  6. Veterans' homes
  7. Second World War memories
  8. High school education
  9. The Depression and early working days
  10. Working at Clem Weil’s shop
  11. Transportation
  12. Local food sharing during the Depression
  13. Entertainment during the Depression
  14. The beginning of World War II
  15. 40 Thieves Gang
  16. Teaching standards

Transcript(PDF, 246KB) - 62 pages

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