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Dorothea Nichols

Interview with Dorothea Nichols

Mrs Nicholls came to live at Ryde, where her father operated a shop, when she was 11 years of age. She describes her experiences as a young woman and provides insights into the community.

Interviewer: Pauline Curby 
Date of the interview: 29 July 1997 
Transcription: Gabrielle Godard, February 1998

Audio extracts (.wav format):

  1. Life in Shepherd Street, Ryde
  2. The family shop at Top Ryde
  3. Widening Devlin Street
  4. Shops in Ryde
  5. School days
  6. School uniforms
  7. The Catholic community
  8. Catholic nuns
  9. Working days
  10. Blackouts during World War II
  11. The 40 Thieves gang
  12. Dancing entertainment

Transcript(PDF, 153KB) - 32 pages

Last updated on 29 June 2015