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Dorothy Packer

Interview with Dorothy Packer

Dorothy Packer moved to Ryde at the age of 2, and has lived in the Ryde area ever since. She describes her childhood in Ryde in the 1920s and her teenage years in West Ryde in the 1930s. Details of home, school and leisure activities and the impact of the Depression on her family are detailed. The impact of World War II and her career in the armed services, working in a hotel in Sydney for men on leave is described. Her family's strong Labor sympathies, the dynamics of a large family, discussion of various social attitudes including childbirth, sex and death and the role of Methodism in life provides interesting insights into life at that time. The interview also includes lists of names of shop owners in Ryde, and teachers at the Ryde Public school.

Interviewer: Pauline Curby 
Date of the interview: 12 September 1997 
Transcription: Gabrielle Godard

Audio extracts (.wav format):

  1. Life during the Great Depression
  2. The Larrikins
  3. Food relief
  4. The opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  5. Shops at Ryde
  6. Childhood activities
  7. School days
  8. May poles
  9. Childhood
  10. Family life
  11. Socialising and working
  12. School subjects
  13. Life in the Army
  14. Married life and politics

Transcript(PDF, 188KB) - 47 pages

Last updated on 29 June 2015