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Jean Blunt

Interview with Jean Blunt

Jean Blunt discusses her childhood in a frugal and hard-working family, in Ethel Street Eastwood during the 1920s. Particular detail is given to the semi-rural nature of the area and associated home routines. She includes comments on her education, social life, parental responsibilities and working life.

Interviewer: Ruth Jones 
Date of the interview: 11 April 1997 
Transcription: Gabrielle Godard, July 2000

Audio extracts (.wav format):

  1. Early childhood in Ethel Street, Eastwood
  2. Memories of my mother and father
  3. School days and early employment
  4. Childhood illness - the Depression years - Buying a house
  5. Memories of Eastwood
  6. Memories from childhood

Transcript(PDF, 109KB) - 17 pages

Last updated on 29 June 2015