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Peggy Atkins

Interview with Peggy Atkins

Peggy Atkins provides details of growing up in Eastwood during the 1920s and 1930s. She includes information on Eastwood Public School, sport and social activities. Peggy also explains how her grandfather's business in Marrickville (where she and her father worked) went into voluntary liquidation during World War II and provides brief comments on her marriage and motherhood during the post-war years.

Interviewer: Pauline Curby 
Date of the interview: 19 June 1997 
Transcription: Gabrielle Godard, July 2000

Audio extracts (.wav format):

  1. Getting into trouble at school
  2. The house in Vimiera Road
  3. Making my own clothes on a treadle machine
  4. Life during World War 2
  5. Flirting with an American serviceman
  6. Eastwood in the early days(External link)
  7. Getting the Sewerage on(External link)
  8. Jack Daveys quiz shows(External link)

Transcript(PDF, 152KB) -  34 pages

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