Kinderling Kids


City of Ryde Libraries is excited to introduce Kinderling, an award-winning Australian audio streaming app featuring content for children 0-10 and parents. Kinderling features music, stories, mindfulness tools, multi-lingual stories, as well as language series introducing children to languages and cultures from around the world.

Being an audio product it a fantastic option for parents wanting to reduce screen time for their children whilst providing educational and entertaining content for all ages. Kinderling’s Calm & Sleep are brilliant for helping settle restless children and includes – Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Explorer, Sound Bubbles (soundscapes), Meditation for kids and Adults, and Radio featuring lullabies. 

Visit Kinderling Kids

Kinderling Kids Mobile App

Kinderling Kids’ App is easy to install and use, with search and explore functions and the ability to create Playlists, Favourites and cast to other speakers. Kinderling Kids can be streamed as a live radio station or accessed on-demand for specific stories and programs.

How To

Step 1: Visit 
Step 2: Enter your library name (Ryde City Council Libraries) 
Step 3: Enter your library card number 
Step 4: Set up a Kinderling account 
Step 5: Download the Kinderling app (if you wish to use the app)
Step 6: Log into your Kinderling account