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Local History Photo Challenge

Bored in lockdown? We’re challenging you to recreate moments in Ryde’s local history that have been captured in photos.

Over five weeks, from 13 August to 15 September, we’ll share a different photo each Friday on City of Ryde’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for you and your family or household to recreate using whatever you have at home.

You’ll have until the following Wednesday to submit your best photo, which will be shared on our official social media accounts for everyone to enjoy.

Please note: Late submissions may be excluded from publication. The City of Ryde reserves the right to exclude photos that it deems inappropriate from publication on their social media channels.

Week Five Challenge: 10 - 15 September

Photo: Hugh, Nettie, Nell, Jack & Bob Christie children at play, Marsfield 1893 The Christie family emigrated from Scotland, and built their house on 22 acres of land they had purchased at Marsfield in 1892. In this photo the two older boys are the ‘horses’ and the ‘carriage’ is an old timber box. Ryde Library Service. Acc. 507584A. Christie family / 1

Week Four Challenge: 2 - 8 September

Photo: Jim Hull and his dog ‘Rover’, North Ryde 1938 A boy and his dog. Such a scene crosses decades. In later life, Jim served as a Councillor on Ryde Council from 1982-1999, deputy mayor 1987-1995 and mayor 1995-1997 Ryde Library Service. Acc. 5481678. Hull family / 1

Week Three Challenge: 27 August - 1 September

5481287 - Betty Millar

Photo: Betty Millar with her doll in a cart made by her father William and her brother Gordon in front of the Millar family home, High Street, Gladesville around 1929. Her brothers Gordon and Doug are playing with a pushcar in the background. Ryde Library Service. Acc. 5481287. Millar family / 3

Week Two Challenge: 20 - 25 August

5482143 - Bikes and trikes.jpeg

Photo: Coxs Road, North Ryde. Bikes & trikes! Five children outside Hortons shop in Cox’s Road, North Ryde. The substantial two-storey building in the background is the North Ryde School of Arts, now the location of the North Ryde Community Hall and North Ryde Library. The children are identified as Barrie Hicks, Marie Hicks, Carol Keegan, Terry Morony and Fred Horton. Ryde Library Service. Acc. 5482143. North Ryde / 3

Week One Challenge: 13 - 18 August

Sarah Kate Barton

Photo: Sarah Kate (Kitty) Barton and the family dogs Here they are having afternoon tea at Nyrangie, Linsley Street, Gladesville around 1900. Kitty Barton’s father was Henry Francis Barton, the Master in Lunacy at the Gladesville Asylum. Ryde Library Service. Acc. 5485576. Barton family / 5

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Last updated on 10 September 2021