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Personal Mobility Devices

Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) are motor-assisted, low-speed, lightweight devices with one, two, three or four wheels. They are designed to transport one person on footpaths, shared use paths, cycleways and trails.

About the PMD Research Trial

The PMDs are being trialled from April – June 2013. 

Two kinds of PMDs are used in the trial:

  • A pair of two-wheeled devices
  • A pair of three-wheeled devices.

Note: A pair of one-wheeled devices are under consideration, to be introduced a little later in the trial.

Participants are consenting volunteers from Macquarie University staff. They will be using the PMDs during their work day, on shared user paths within the campus. 

For more information on PMDs and on the trial, download the PMD Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 591KB).

Project Partners

Macquarie University is conducting the trial and evaluating the results. 

Council initiated this project in partnership with Macquarie University and has sought support from State and Federal governments to approve the trial and to consider the trial results in future social and infrastructure planning.

More Information

For further enquiries please contact Manager - Environment on 9952 8263.

Last updated on 4 August 2015