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Eastwood Central

In 2018, the City of Ryde commissioned a Traffic and Parking Study for Eastwood which provided four options for a new shopper car park that would replace the aging and poorly designed Glen Street Car Park. The Traffic and Parking Study Report identified the best option for the site and traffic performance that would allow approximately 150 car spaces for shoppers in addition to the existing 450 spaces currently in the Glen Street Car Park, along with a new public plaza that will be situated on the existing car park site.


In 2019, Council sought community feedback on this option along with the Draft Summary Report Traffic and Parking Study. The results of the community consultation identified 74% support for this new car park option that would have at least 600 car spaces, now known as Eastwood Central.


Eastwood Central will be a well-planned, contemporary, safe and accessible precinct which includes the relocation of the car park to the Shaftsbury Road Precinct with the Glen Street car park transformed into a public plaza and potential community facility being activated by ground level retail space. This would create a more vibrant open space for the community, with facilities that could include a new community hall, youth space, an occasional childcare centre and a stormwater detention basin that would help mitigate the flooding that currently occurs on the western side of the Eastwood Town Centre.


Preliminary investigations for Eastwood Central have now been completed including:

  • Underground survey of powerlines and live networks
  • Land survey
  • Geotechnical investigation

We are now progressing towards the next step which is preparing a concept plan for the entire site. This includes the location and layout of the car park site in the Shaftsbury Road Precinct.

While this is progressing, we will be concurrently reviewing flood mitigation options to integrate into the overall development.


As part of this project, Council is also working on the installation of traffic lights to replace the existing pedestrian crossing at West Parade between Eastwood Station and Rowe Street Plaza. These traffic lights will help support and improve traffic and pedestrian safety in Eastwood.

Currently the concept design is approved by Transport for NSW. Council staff have now engaged a suitably qualified consultant to prepare the detailed design that requires further approval from Transport for NSW for the implementation of the traffic lights.

Artist's Impressions (concepts only and are subject to change)



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Glen Street, Eastwood New South Wales 2122

Glen Street, Eastwood 2122

Last updated on 23 September 2021