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Footpath Program

We are committed to managing and maintaining our paths and cycleway assets to ensure that they remain safe and are sustainable in the long term and provide a satisfactory level of service for the community. A total of $2 million will be spent on the paths and cycleway program in 2019/20.


Current Works

Location Segment Status
Field of Mars Shared Use Path(PDF, 696KB) Pittwater Road Current

Completed Works

Location Segment Date of Completion
Abuklea Road, Eastwood(PDF, 538KB) Alison Street - Kingsford Street 28/10/2019
Heath Street, Ryde(PDF, 555KB) North Road – Quarry Road  28/10/2019 
Jopling Street, North Ryde(PDF, 498KB) No.36 – No.40 28/10/2019 
Sluman Street, Denistone West  Shaftsbury Road – No.38  28/10/2019
Victoria Road, West Ryde(PDF, 1MB) Marsden Road - Darvall Road 27/9/2019
Winbourne Street East, West Ryde(PDF, 531KB) Lambert Street - Farnell Street 23/9/2019
Amelia Street, North Ryde(PDF, 645KB) Marilyn Street - Lorna Avenue 20/9/2019
Blaxland Road, Denistone East(PDF, 703KB) Cecil Street - Kings Road 20/9/2019
Mahon Street, West Ryde(PDF, 544KB) Goodwin Street - Anzac Avenue 20/9/2019
North Road, Denistone East(PDF, 557KB) Therelfall Street - Kingsford Avenue 20/9/2019
Morrison Road, Ryde(PDF, 617KB) Belmore Street - Church Street 1/9/2019
Princes Street, Putney(PDF, 564KB) Morrison Road – Phillip Road 1/9/2019
Banksia Street, Eastwood(PDF, 476KB) No.38 - North Road 23/8/2019
Cameron Crescent, Ryde(PDF, 644KB) Buffalo Road - Gardener Avenue 23/8/2019
Leslie Street, North Ryde(PDF, 609KB) Trevitt Road - Wilson Street 23/8/2019
330 Pittwater Road, East Ryde Pittwater Road 28/06/2019
Bigland Avenue, West Ryde Between Shaftsbury Road and Bellevue Avenue 28/06/2019
Footpath repairs: Condition 4 & 5 Various Locations 21/06/2019
Watt Avenue, Ryde Smith Street to No.27 03/06/2019
Robinson Street, Ryde On Cressy Road up to footbridge 30/05/2019

Culgoa Avenue, Eastwood

Between Longview Street and Threlfall Street 22/02/2019
Arthur Street, Ryde Between Quarry Road and Arthur Street Cul-de-sac 01/02/2019
Michael Street, North Ryde  Between Leslie Street and Milroy Street  25/01/2019
Bright Street, Ryde

Between Providence Road and Buffalo Road

Gwendale Crescent, Eastwood

Between Balaclava Road and the first Intersection

North Road, Eastwood Between Kingsford Avenue and Woorang Street 17/12/2018
Deakin Street, West Ryde Between Adelaide Street and Deakin Street Cul-de-sac  27/08/2018
Bambi Street, Ryde Between Woodbine Crescent and Greene Avenue 06/08/2018
Victoria Road, West Ryde Between Mellor Street and Hermitage Road 29/03/2019


Current Works

Location Segment Status
Epping Road Cycleway, Marsfield Various Locations Current
Field of Mars Shared Use Path, East Ryde Pittwater Road Current

Completed Works

Location Segment Date of Completion
Epping Road Cycleway, Marsfield Between Paul Street and Herring Road 24/06/2019
Minor Works for cycleways Various Locations 29/03/2019 

Eastwood to Macquarie Park Cycleway 

Between Orange Street and Grove Street

Epping Road Cycleway, Marsfield Between Balaclava Road and Vimiera Road  17/06/2018
Last updated on 4 November 2019