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Proposed Heritage Item

Planning Proposal - Heritage Review 2019

The City of Ryde currently has 173 heritage items listed on its Heritage Schedule. Recently, a Heritage Review was commissioned and it proposed 44 new heritage items, 11 of which are Council or Government owned (street trees and culturally significant landscapes) to be added to Council's heritage list.

How do I know if my property has been proposed to be listed as a 'heritage item'?

If your property is proposed to be listed as a 'heritage item' you would have received a letter from Council advising this. Alternatively you can use our interactive online map to search your address. If your property has a yellow pin on it, it means your property is a 'proposed heritage item'. Click here to go to our interactive map.

What does it mean if my property is proposed to be listed as a 'heritage item' in the Heritage Review 2019?

Your property has been identified in the Heritage Review 2019 as having local significance and provides heritage value to the local community. Therefore, Council is proposing to add your property to its heritage list.

How is an item determined as significant?

The heritage significance of an item includes all the values that make it special to past, present and future generations. These may be its historical origins and subsequent development, its association with particular people or events, its visual or townscape qualities, its construction or other technical qualities, a religious or symbolic role and archaeological research potential. The values may not only be evident in the fabric or physical material of the place, buildings or precinct, but also in the relationship with its surroundings, and in associated documents that can be researched to gain knowledge of the item and its significance.

What is significant about the proposed items listed?

The Heritage Review 2019 was undertaken by GML Heritage, who considered available historical information and viewed the proposed sites from the street. Under 'Related Information' on the right hand side of this page you will find the inventory sheets of each proposed heritage item grouped by suburb. These sheets include details about each item including a 'Statement of significance' which notes why a property is considered significant.

What happens if an item becomes listed?

It gives certainty to the owners and the community that the heritage qualities of the property will be protected for generations and provide access to financial grants to assist with conservation works an maintenance.

How does this affect development on a property?

There are limitations to development on a heritage item including:

  • Demolition is generally not supported
  • Additions to the property should be located at the rear of the property and be sympathetic in scale to the original building
  • Lot subdivision or amalgamation is generally not supported
  • Carports and garages should be located at the side or rear of the house
  • Most development works require a Development Application. 
  • A complying development certificate cannot be issued.

For general queries on the development controls applicable of your heritage item you will need to speak to Council's Heritage Officer. If you have a specific development question/s regarding your property,  you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page with your question/s and a representative from Council will respond to you to your query. Click here to go to the form.

How does this affect a property's value? 

You will need to seek your own independent advice regarding the value of your property and if it would change due to it being listed as a heritage item.

The Productivity Commission has produced the following report on the impact of heritage listing on property value.  

How does this affect insuring a property?

Being listed as a heritage item should not affect an ability to obtain suitable insurance. Insurers do not discriminate against heritage listings and will seek clarification of the age and condition of any building prior to insuring the property, regardless of its listing. To find out how your insurance will be affected you will need to seek your own advice from your insurance provider.

How can I find out more about the Heritage Review 2019 and general information regarding proposed heritage items?

Council have organised a number of sessions that will provide general information regarding the Heritage Review 2019 and proposed heritage items. Please see the list below of the dates and times for these sessions. Please note that you will need to register to attend these sessions.

If the session you wish to attend is fully booked, please contact Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222 to register your interest in attending if spaces become available. 

Additional sessions with Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin interpreters are advertised separately on our community language pages:
유산 건물을 소유하고 있다면  여기를 클릭하여 세부사항을 확인하고 간담회에 등록하십시오.

What if I have specific question/s regarding my property?

If you have a specific question/s regarding your property, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page with your question/s and a representative from Council will respond to you to your query. Click here to go to the form.

How do I give my feedback on whether I support or do not support the proposed listing of my property as a heritage item?

You can provide your feedback through our online survey where it will ask you questions regarding your support. Click here to complete the survey. Submissions will be received up until 11.59pm on Sunday 10 November 2019.

Please note: The survey has been updated so you can provide feedback on your specific property, as well as the other proposals listed in the heritage review. If you have already filled in the survey, we kindly ask that you fill it in again however only the new questions in the survey will appear for you to answer. Your answers to these additional questions will be added to your original survey response and both will be included in our reporting. If you have not completed the survey, the full survey will be available for you to complete.

Written Submissions
Written submissions must be clearly marked as ‘ Planning Proposal – Heritage Review 2019'. They can be sent to:

All submissions must be received by Council by 11.59pm on Sunday 10 November 2019.

Please note that it is Council’s policy that all submissions received in relation to draft planning controls will be publicly available on request.

What happens once the consultation period closes?

Council is not the plan making authority for this Planning Proposal. Once consultation period has closed the results of this community consultation will be reported to Council in December. At its December Meeting Council will make a recommendation on the Heritage Review 2019. This recommendation will be forwarded to the Minister and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment together with a request to finalise and make the plan. 

Online Submission Form

The online submission form is now closed.

Last updated on 7 November 2019