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Fit for the Future | Community Update

Fit for the Future – NSW Local Government Reform

Last year, the State Government announced a major local government reform program – Fit for the Future – that will impact the way all NSW councils operate. The program proposes to merge 41 Sydney metropolitan councils into 18 ‘mega-councils’ and was created as a response to the findings in the Independent Local Government Review Report.

How does this affect the Ryde Local Government Area?

The Fit for the Future proposal for the City of Ryde is a drastic one. It would see Ryde and the community split and dissolved between two new, mega-councils. This extreme proposal (no other Sydney metropolitan council is proposed to be abolished), completely disregards our proud history, unique identity and strong financial performance.

What are the options available to the City of Ryde

The Independent Local Government Review Panel has made it clear that Councils need to address the scale and capacity targets set out in the Fit for the Future program.

The City of Ryde, Hunter’s Hill and Lane Cove Councils have worked together to provide a superior option that addresses the issues raised by the community.

Each Council is now seeking feedback from the community on each of the three options available to them. This will form part of the Council’s Fit for the Future response to the State Government.

The detailed information pack. outlines the options available to Ryde, Lane Cove and Hunters Hill.


Latest Updates

Council lodges its submission

Published on 30 June 2015

Council lodges its submission at 4.50pm on 30 June 2015 

Have Your Say

As part of the overall process, the Upper House (NSW Legislative Council) is also holding an Inquiry into the NSW Government’s Fit for the Future Reform Agenda.

The Inquiry will examine the criteria that the Government will use to decide if a Council is Fit for the Future and will also examine what is the right size for local councils in NSW. It will inquire into costs and benefits of council amalgamations for local residents and businesses, particularly how amalgamations could affect rates and investment in local infrastructure.

As part of its work, the Inquiry will accept submissions from residents, businesses and organisations by Sunday 5 July 2015.

You can make a submission to the Inquiry and have the option to appear in person to speak directly to the members. It is important that the Inquiry hears from local residents and we believe that it is important you are given every opportunity to voice your opinion in the State Government's proposal.

To make having your say easier, we have developed sample letters which you can use to lodge a submission - you can write your own submission or download a proforma letter from here: 

State-Government-Reform-Proforma-letter-Option-1.doc(DOC, 31KB)

State-Government-Reform-Proforma-Letter-Option-2-Reject-the-Merger-and-stand-alone.doc(DOC, 37KB)

State-Government-Reform-Proforma-Letter-Option-3-Support-JRA.doc(DOC, 35KB)

Where do you send your submission?

Lodge online

To lodge an online submission using a sample letter, please download the relevant letter and re-upload it to the submission form on the Inquiry website here.

Visit the Lodge a Submission page for more information.

View the Brochure

Last updated on 4 August 2015