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Meadowbank Park Upgrades


Over the last two years Council has made upgrades to Meadowbank Park which include:

Fitness Equipment

The City of Ryde identified a number of fitness opportunities along the Ryde River Walk, in response to consultation with with the local community and users of the Ryde River Walk. The new equipment was designed to provide both static and dynamic exercise routines, based on the feedback we received. For more information click here.

New Seawall 

The seawall along Meadowbank Park from Archers Creek to Charity Creek was in an advanced state of deterioration and was placing pressure on nearby underground oil and gas pipelines. The new 400m seawall serves as protection to the foreshore, underground services and the cycleway.

Upgrade to Fields 7 and 8

As part of Council's 2016/2017 Delivery Plan, works were carried out to reconstruct fields 7 and 8 to improve their playability. In addition to installing new turf on the field, the fields were raised to match the level on fields 2 and 6, and irrigation, surface drainage and improvements to stormwater were made. 

These improvements enhance the aesthetics of the park while promoting health and well being within the community. 


Last updated on 10 January 2017