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Ryde Remembers 2014 - 2018

Child holding a poppy

The City of Ryde has created a Centennary of ANZAC and Commemoration of World War 1 Committee to identify and implement a series of initiatives for the Ryde Remember 2014 - 2018 program. 

This project is extremely important to Council and we are proud of the initiatives we have undertaken to commemorate our fallen heroes from World War 1 (1914-1918) and the families at home who supported them.

Ryde Remembers 100 Years of ANZAC

April 2015 2,000 Poppies Project While researching for the Centenary of Anzac Commemorations, Ryde Local Studies Librarian, Angela Phippen, uncovered a close link of the enduring symbol of remembrance – the Red Poppy – and families in Ryde whose husbands, sons and daughters enlisted in World War 1.
Ms Phippen discovered a “letter to the editor” dated June 1920 relaying that children from Villers-Bretonneux (where Australian troops fought to save the town in 1918) had gathered red poppy seeds from the Somme Valley to send to “the relatives of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fell fighting on the battlefields of the Somme”

As part of Ryde's Centenary of Anzac tribute, the City of Ryde called for local community members to assist in creating a field of 2,000 Red Poppies, by either knitting, crocheting, felting, cross-stitching or crafting a red poppy to remember someone who went to the First World War.

More than 3,500 poppies were received and displayed at Council's library and ANZAC ceremony on 25 April 2015.

April 2015  Upgrade of Ryde's War Memorial As part of the Centennary of ANZAC's, the Cenotaph was restored in time for The City of Ryde Memorial Service (see photos above) 
May 2015  Street Sign Project Streets in the local area with links to WW1 will receive new identifying signs. To see a list of these street signs click here 
November 2015  Ryde Remembers Interactive Honour Board As a part of recognising over 2,000 local service men and women who served in WWI an online database is being created showing name, rank, photos and other memorabilia, collated by the Ryde District Historical Society and Ryde Library. This database will be available at all of Council's libraries by November 2015. 
November 2015 Remembrance Walk A series of commemorative plaques are being created and placed in Anzac Park to highlight the history and involvement of residents of Ryde during World War 1. This will be available from November 2015 

Last updated on 4 August 2015