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Stage 1 | Looking Glass Bay

Published on 27 February 2015

Looking Glass Bay Park is a bushland reserve whose forest runs along a creek line through the middle of the park. If you follow its path it will take you through a parkland of majestic trees and remnant urban bushland, with a link to Banjo Patterson Park.

The path upgrade that spans the creek line ensures minimal impact of the seagrass and saltmarsh vegetation communities on the water’s edge.

All the materials used for the Ryde River Walk works are selected to provide a 50 year minimum life span and all surfaces are non-slip in all weather.

Works included: 

  • Formalisation of existing pathway
  • Formalisation of entry with upgraded edging, turf and new seating
  • Upgrade of existing bridge
  • Formalisation of entry with the construction of stairs

Last updated on 4 August 2015