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Council Meeting - Tuesday 24 August 2021

Published on 19 August 2021

At the Works & Community Committee meeting held on Tuesday 10 August 2021, the Committee made substantive changes to the published recommendations as follows:

(a) That Council adopts the Magdala Park Masterplan and its vision for future park improvements, prepared by Place Design Group, dated May 2021, with the inclusion of a kayak rack and a basic ramp without impacting biodiversity.

(b) That Council endorses the closure of the eastern section of the Magdala Road, road reserve (to allow future development of the space for recreation and sporting purposes). This section of land, and the previously gazetted closed section of Page Rd, then be formally integrated into Magdala Park and delegating authority to the General Manager to do all things necessary to affect the road closure, including executing all necessary documentation.

(c) That Council enters detailed discussions with National Parks and Wildlife Services for the land transfer (adjacent to Magdala Park as shown) and delegate authority to the General Manager complete all tasks to affect this land transfer and sub-division including executing all necessary documentation.

(d) That Council write to thank all participants in the development of the Masterplan and inform them of this resolution.

(e) That a Confidential report be brought back to Council, including strategic, legal and policy implications of part (c) soon as practicable.

(f) In regards to the discussion on the design of the amenities building, that staff investigate the inclusion of a meeting room for use by sporting clubs.

Please note: This matter will be dealt with at the Council Meeting to be held on 24 August 2021 as substantive changes were made to the published recommendation.

  • Click here to view the Minutes from Works and Community Committee Meeting. 
  • Click here to view the Agenda for the Council Meeting.
Last updated on 19 August 2021