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Project Update - February 2018

Published on 12 February 2018

We received a great response on the proposal from many local and Parramatta Council residents. Queries were raised regarding fauna disturbance, confirmation of the track pathway, flooding, track widening and vegetation disturbance to bike trail activity concerns. All of these comments were noted by Council for the project to discuss and modify where possible.

The trail will follow the existing pathway to upgrade areas that are degraded and unsafe for passage, and will not be promoting active bike trail usage. Concerns for fauna are also being considered and the project is working with Parramatta Council to ensure consideration across both trails when the project is underway.

Council is very pleased by the interest, input and feedback by the community towards the project and in preservation of our natural areas.

Next Steps
Works are due to commence in 2018 in a staged and considered effort. The works will begin at the Epping Road end of the track. 

Last updated on 12 February 2018