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Published on 21 August 2023


Franz-1.png Tell us a bit about who you are and what kind of creative work you make
I am a local Chinese art teacher and an independent painter/calligrapher working in the Ryde/Parramatta area. I perform numerous live brush art demonstrations throughout Sydney during Chinese New Year. My current focus is to bridge Western and Chinese art using multimedia.

Whereabouts do you look for creative ideas? Who or what inspires you?
My main themes are from folklore, stories, fables and fiction but blended with modern events such as war, pollution and social justice issues. My works are coated with traditional frames and styles inherited from classical landscapes and figures.

Franz-2.png How does your personal history, culture or experience inform your creative work?
I was trained in both Western media and traditional Chinese art in Hong Kong before moving to Sydney. I have deep understanding of art history from both Western and Chinese world. As a professional art teacher, I facilitate my followers with lots of resources.

Students enjoy visiting and sharing abundant cultural references in my own library. My teaching experience is also an important inspiration.

Franz-3.png Are there any special processes, techniques or tools you use to make your creative work?
Now I focus on interactions between Chinese ink, paper and brushes. Occasionally mixed with Western media including canvas and watercolour.

What is a creative project that you’ve worked on that you’re really proud of? Why?
In Chinese New Year 2023, I had a series of live demonstration throughout Sydney including PHIVE of Parramatta and Willoughby Library. I love face-to-face interaction with art lovers and young students where I can pass on my experience and Chinese culture.

Franz-4.png What creative project are you working on at the moment?
I am working on a powerpoint worksheet to welcome Year of Dragon in Chinese New Year 2024.

What has been the highlight of your creative career so far?
My teaching experience as a lecturer of Chinese Art History and Chinese Calligraphy from 2004 until 2020 in Macquarie University is definitely a highlight. In the end of every semester, students might bring home one piece of my artwork as a souvenir.

Franz-5.png What’s your favourite part of working as an artist / creative?
The most rewarding part is to provide a message to my audience.

What’s the most challenging part of working as an artist / creative?
Time schedule and art supply from overseas.

Do you have any rituals or routines that help you to be more creative?
Calligraphy exercise is a must every day because it keeps fuelling me with energy.

Franz-6.png Do you have any top tips for emerging artists and creatives just starting out?
Try every channel to communicate with local media, communities, and institutions to show off your talent.

We always love recommendations! Who are some other local artists we should check out?

  • Topotea Tea Art in Chinatown.
  • Guqin Performer from Topotea.
  • Xie Bin, an Eastwood oil painter.

Where can we find out more about your work and get in touch?
Most of my artworks can be viewed on Facebook.

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