Conditions of Entry

The City of Ryde’s Volunteer Recognition Awards aim to acknowledge those less visible in our City who have, through their creativity, initiative, personal time or attainments, made a positive contribution to enhancing and uplifting the lives of others within the City of Ryde community.

  • Any business, industry, community group, family or individual actively involved in voluntarily servicing the City of Ryde (excluding those primarily involved in political and/or lobbying activities) may be nominated.
  • Previous award recipients are eligible to be re-nominated. Please note that any previous award winners must be nominated for volunteer works completed since the previous award was received OR in a different category. For example:
    • A previous Young Volunteer of the Year Award winner could be re-nominated after the age of 25 for a Volunteer of the Year Award.
    • If Volunteer of the Year was won in 2016, they could be re-nominated for volunteer work from 2016 to present.
  • Young Volunteer Award nominees must be aged between 12-25 at the time of nomination.
  • The majority of the nominees volunteering service needs to be contributed within the City of Ryde Local Government Area (LGA).
  • It is not a requirement for nominees to reside in the City of Ryde LGA.
  • City of Ryde Councillors and Council staff are permitted to nominate, unless confirmed as a member of the judging panel. City of Ryde Councillors and Council staff are not eligible to be nominated for an award.

Selection Criteria This nomination form is designed to provide the judging panel with important information about the nominee. By addressing each question within this form you will assist the judges in recognising what the nominee/s has contributed to their organisation/community as well as how this individual/group stands out from the rest. Please include examples of the nominee’s work and provide as much detail as possible. Note that the judges will only be able to judge the nominee with the information provided.

Each nominee will be judged on:

  • Special or outstanding features of the their work 
  • The impact and benefit of their work
    For example: the impact on the group, organisations and/or local area, and benefits to the community such as training others, or serving as an example to motivate others.
  • Examples of how their work has displayed dedication above and beyond the norm
    For example: the type of work (such as physically or mentally demanding or unpleasant work), the length of service, the number of hours per week, success in overcoming obstacles.
General Information
  • The City of Ryde Volunteer Recognition Awards are conducted in addition to the Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year Awards presented on Australia Day.
  • A separate nomination form for each group or individual is required. Please note that 2 or more persons nominated solely for their work at the same organisation must be combined into a group nomination unless significant evidence of volunteering at one or more organisations can be provided.
  • Any one organisation can only submit a maximum of 1 group nomination and 1 individual nomination.
  • Copies of supporting materials, no larger than A4, may be submitted, but must be attached to the official nomination form. Film, posters and recorded information will not be accepted.
  • The City of Ryde Volunteer Recognition Awards and Judging Panel may request copies of additional information on the nominee.
  • Nomination forms and supporting documents will become the property of the City of Ryde and information submitted may be used for publicity purposes.
  • Nominees and winners for the Awards will be presented at the Volunteer Recognition Awards evening to be held in May 2024.
  • The decisions of the City of Ryde Volunteer Recognition Awards Judging panel are final and no correspondence on the decision will be entered into.

Nominations close midnight, Sunday 7 April 2024.