Macquarie Centre Redevelopment

As part of the Macquarie Centre redevelopment at 197-223 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, AMP Capital is seeking to incorporate retail, commercial, community, residential and commercial facilities and offer improved connections to transport infrastructure (subject to approval).

The Stage 1 development application for the partial redevelopment of Macquarie Centre proposes the removal of the existing site for the Macquarie Ice Rink.

Development Timeline

September 2015

Priority Precinct Program
In 2012 the State Government established the Priority Precinct Program (previously called Urban Activation Precincts) as a way of providing homes and jobs for Sydney’s growing population.

The City of Ryde nominated the Herring Road Priority Precinct in 2012 (which includes Macquarie Centre) based on the understanding that it would include the co-ordinated delivery of infrastructure to support it, including access to $5 million for public domain improvements, a new bus interchange and local infrastructure upgrades.

However, when the Planning Report and associated documentation for the Precinct was released by the State Government, Council raised significant concerns about the proposal, particularly with regards to height of the buildings, which would result in ‘exceedingly dense development’.

The Finalisation Report on Herring Road, Macquarie Park, which was prepared by the then Department of Planning (now the Department of Planning and Environment) acknowledge Council’s concerns around the impact of proposed height and density controls on the character of the area, however, in September 2015 they determined to proceed with the increased heights and updated the Ryde Local Environment Plan to incorporate the State’s changes.

Click here to view a copy of the concerns the City of Ryde rose.
Click here to view a copy of the Department of Planning's Herring Road, Macquarie Park Finalisation Report.

October 2016

Voluntary Planning Agreement
A voluntary planning agreement (VPA) is an agreement entered into by a council and a developer where a developer agrees to provide or fund public amenities and services, such as community facilities and affordable housing as part of their development.

At its meeting on Tuesday 25 October 2016 Council resolved to enter into a Planning Agreement with AMP Capital to provide the community with a Library and Creative Hub as part of their development.

Approval to enter into a Planning Agreement is not approval of a development application, as applications of this nature require approval by a Planning Panel convened by the NSW State Government, being the Sydney North Planning Panel (previously the Joint Regional Planning Panel).

NB: These documents are no longer commercial in confidence as the VPA has been executed.

November 2016

Concept Development Application (LDA2015/0655)
Development application (LDA2015/0655) requested approval for the concept of the development, being the shape and footprint of the proposed basement, expanded platform area and mixed-use (community/business/residential) elements fronting Herring Road. 

This application was approved on 10 November 2016 by the Joint Regional Planning Panel.

This application and its approval did not include any works, final land uses or number of car parking spaces.

December 2018

Stage 1 Development Application (LDA2018/0498) – Partial works
Development application (LDA2018/0498) was lodged on 18 December 2018 seeking approval for the following works:

  • Demolition of the existing buildings and structures on the Herring Road corner platform site
  • Construction of a new four-storey platform area for retail premises
  • Construction of two basement levels under the corner platform area including one level to be used as retail premises and one level of basement parking
  • Construction of two additional levels of deck parking fronting Talavera Road
  • Creation of Station Plaza at the corner of Herring Road and Waterloo Road, a new publicly accessible plaza adjacent to the Macquarie University Station Portal
  • Landscaping and public domain improvements
  • New business identification signage zones and a digital screen to be used for community viewing and business identification
  • 481 additional car parking spaces
  • New pedestrian access points and removal of one vehicular crossover on Herring Road.    

As the development has a capital value in excess of $30 million, the development application will be determined by Sydney North Planning Panel as convened by the NSW State Government.

This application does not include any residential elements, as these will come through and be subject to subsequent development applications.

January 2019

At its Extraordinary Council Meeting on 29 January, Council expressed its opposition to the proposed closure of the Macquarie Ice Rink and voted to commence work to try and seek an interim heritage order be placed on the venue.

Recognising the strong community opposition to any potential closure of the Macquarie Ice Rink, Council also called upon NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to urgently intervene to save the ice rink and resolved to notify the owners of Macquarie Centre – AMP Capital – that Council’s official position is for an Olympic-sized ice rink to be retained in any Stage 1 redevelopment of the shopping centre. In addition, Council voted to attempt to facilitate mediation between AMP Capital and the tenants of the Macquarie Ice Rink to try and retain the important community facility.

Council also resolved to extend the public consultation period until 1 March 2019.  

How to have your say

Members of the public can have their say on LDA2018/0498 by email or post. Further information can be found on our Major Development Applications and State Significant Projects on Exhibition page