Public Art

snapper fish wind sculpture at putney

Public art is artwork in the public realm, regardless of whether it is situated on public or private property, or whether it is acquired through public or private funding. It can be in an outdoor location or in a publicly accessible building. It can be part of a building or freestanding.

Public art can take the form of sculpture, mural, manhole cover, paving pattern, lighting, seating, building facade, fencing, water feature, engraving, carving, fresco, collage and mosaic. It can be environmentally responsive and take the form of sculptural work, wind or water features, and artist designed earthworks using raw materials or plantings. It can be film, digital images or photographic projections, billboards, custom design floor treatments, glasswork, signage, or sound installations.

Public art has broad benefits for the City of Ryde. It can be used to celebrate our local social and cultural heritage, celebrate contemporary life, explore community identities and establish a mood for city spaces. It can create a landmark that promotes an image or identity for the City, and attract and enliven pedestrian experiences. Public art can connect people and place and build a sense of belonging. It can be a destination in itself, creating a place for play, reflection and rejuvenation.

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The Ryde Riverwalk Arts Strategy(PDF, 3MB) contributed to the perception and experience of the Riverwalk by creating artworks that reflected the distinctive character of the landscape and that celebrate our local history.