Key Documents

In promoting our ongoing commitment to improve Customer Service, strengthen community well-being and reduce factors of disadvantage, the City of Ryde has facilitated inclusion and diversity through its committees, policies and plans as governed by our Social Justice Charter. 


Council’s Advisory Committees provide an opportunity for consultation, advice and feedback to staff on the implementation and review of the Community Strategic Plan. There are those that have focussed outcomes toward equality, inclusion and diversity however, all of Council’s committees and working groups play a pivotal role in progressing our social inclusion agenda.

The list below is a section of Advisory Committees that shows Council's approach towards an inclusive and diversified Ryde:

  • The  primary role of the Status of Women Advisory Committee is to provide advice on improving the ways in which women in the City of Ryde are able to participate and engage actively in all aspects of community and civic life

  • The Inclusion and Access Working Group advises and makes recommendations on matters relating to access and inclusion issues, with particular emphasis on issues for people with disabilities as defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

  • The Small and Family Business Working Group is responsible for identifying and recognising economic developments issues and guiding the implementation of the City of Ryde Economic Development Strategy

  • Council's Multicultural Working Group provides  advice to ensure that Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) residents in The City are able to participate actively in all aspects of community and civic life, attended by people who reside, live or work in Ryde from carrying cultural, ethnic, faith and linguistic backgrounds who have demonstrated commitment to community harmony.

Policies & Plans 

The City of Ryde is one of Sydney’s most diverse communities and Council is continually working on a shared vision to make Ryde the place to be, where lifestyle and opportunities are made available to all residents, visitors and investors.

Our polices and plans assist in promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce and community, and help to attain environments that are more innovative, productive and free of discrimination. Some of these guiding policies and plans are listed below for your information:

The City of Ryde 2028 Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan sets out the overall direction and long-term plans for the economic, social and environmental growth of our City. The Plan consists of seven key challenges and opportunities identified by our community about their needs and that also addresses social inclusion.

Our seven key challenges and opportunities are:

  • Managing the needs of a growing population
  • Addressing the needs of a changing population
  • Offering suitable housing options while maintaining the characteristics of our suburbs
  • Creating a strong economy and employment closer to home
  • Managing the pressure of population growth on our amenity
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Remaining competitive.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

The City of Ryde in partnership with Lane Cove and Hunters Hill Councils has developed a Plan to meet the State Government’s Disability Inclusion Act 2014 requirements. This Plan has provided a whole of Council approach to effectively deliver on the diverse needs of people with a disability in our community.

Access and Equity Policy 2009(PDF, 382KB)

This policy aims to ensure Council complies with current legislative requirements to provide equitable and accessible services that are inclusive and encourage the participation of residents and visitors regardless of their race, culture, disability, religion, language, age, gender, geographic barriers, social or economic disadvantage.