Employment Lands LEP Update

On 26 April 2023, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment replaced the Business and Industrial zones in Local Environmental Plans across the state with new employment zones.

The changes are intended to simplify the planning system by reducing the number of employment related zones without removing any existing development rights. The new zones are intended to be more flexible and allow more options for landowners.

The new employment zone amendments to the Ryde LEP2014 may be viewed online at NSW Legislation.

A detailed explanation of the zone changes and may be found at NSW Department of Planning and Environment where the zone tables and zone mapping may be viewed.

A summary of how the old zones were translated to the new zones is provided in the table below:

Zone Translation Table

Old Business and Industrial zone New Employment zone
B1 Neighbourhood Centre E1 Local Centre
B3 Commercial Core E2 Commercial Centre
B4 Mixed Use MU1 Mixed Use

B5 Business Development

B6 Enterprise Corridor

B7 Business Park

E3 Productivity Support

IN2 Light Industrial E4 General Industrial
IN4 Working Waterfront W4 Working Waterfront

The new zones came into effect on 26 April 2023 and replaced the old zones.  

For advice as to how best to make your development application, please contact Council’s Development Advisory Service.

Contacting Council’s Development Advisory Service prior to lodgement can greatly reduce the time it takes for an application to be approved and can assist you in discussion with other planning professionals you may need to help you with your application.

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