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Help our local community

Volunteering is a great way to help build and support your community. You'll get to know your neighbourhood better and have the chance to meet other locals with similar interests. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills.

Why Volunteer Locally?

There are many reasons to volunteer in the City of Ryde.

  1. We are surrounded by bushland – the City of Ryde has many beautiful natural areas including the Lane Cove National Park. You can help preserve our natural environment by volunteering at one of our many local bushcare groups.
  2. We have an ageing population – the City of Ryde is home to an increasing number of residents aged over 85 years. There are many services that require the dedication of volunteers to help support people in this age group to remain living in their own home.
  3. We have many new migrants and refugees – more than 45% of people in the City of Ryde were born overseas. You can volunteer at one of the services that support migrants and refugees to connect with the community.
  4. We have hospitals and community services – we have hospitals and services within the area that support people in our local community. Volunteers are required to assist with a variety of programs.
  5. We have cultural activities and events – help bring the community together to celebrate and learn at our events from the Granny Smith Festival through to our library programs.

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