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Pensioner Concession


Who is eligible?

Under State legislation some pensioners are eligible to receive a concession off their rate account. The amounts of the concessions available on an annual basis are fixed by legislation. Currently eligible pensioners are entitled to a rebate of 50% of their combined rates and charges, up to a maximum of $250.

If you receive a pension or benefit you may be eligible for a concession even though someone else may jointly own and occupy the property.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must be an eligible pensioner.
  2. You must occupy the dwelling for which a concession is sought as your sole or principal place of living.
  3. Evidence of eligibility will be required.
  4. Persons who become or cease to be eligible pensioners during the year will receive a concession proportionate to the number of full quarters in which they are an eligible pensioner.


Apply Now

To apply complete the application form(PDF, 161KB) or call Customer Service on 9952 8222.



Last updated on 24 July 2017