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December 2010

Date Title
9 Dec   Paint Ryde Read - Dynamic Early Literacy Program for Children 0 - 5(PDF, 64KB)

November 2010

Date Title
29 Nov Ryde's 50:50 Gender Equity Vision Award(PDF, 64KB)
26 Nov Author's Platform(PDF, 55KB)
23 Nov 'Ticket To Ryde' For Local Government Women Going Places Conference(PDF, 65KB)
22 Nov Eastwood Happenings(PDF, 54KB)
19 Nov Free Road Safety Calendar for Seniors(PDF, 73KB)
17 Nov Go Active 2 School for Ryde Kids(PDF, 61KB)
11 Nov Ryde Joins National Energy Efficiency Partnership(PDF, 54KB)
5 Nov   Council Raises Women's Profile(PDF, 63KB)
2 Nov  'Dream' Performance by Ryde Youth(PDF, 24KB)

October 2010

Date  Title
27 Oct  Ryde Students Become Waste Watchers(PDF, 54KB)
19 Oct Expo Caters to the Over 55s 'To Do' List(PDF, 54KB)
15 Oct New Trial Dog Off-Leash Areas(PDF, 60KB)
7 Oct 2010 Spring Garden Competition Winners(PDF, 57KB)
6 Oct The Core Rocks at Granny Smith

September 2010

Date  Title
30 Sep Granny Smith Festival Fun for All(PDF, 57KB)
30 Sep Flag Ceremony Celebrates Korean National Day(PDF, 53KB)
27 Sep Spring Garden Competition(PDF, 57KB)
16 Sep Man Convicted for Ranger Assault(PDF, 56KB)
15 Sep Mayoral Election(PDF, 54KB)

August 2010

Date  Title 
27 Aug Council Records Strong Financial Result(PDF, 85KB)
19 Aug How Did Ryde Roads Get Their Names?(PDF, 54KB)
18 Aug New Home for Ryde Library(PDF, 53KB)
4 Aug Celebrate New Look Heatly Reserve(PDF, 60KB)

July 2010

Date Title
26 Jul Eastwood Singing Star Is On Again(PDF, 60KB)
16 Jul Celebrate New Look Heatly Reserve
13 Jul Community Prayer Breakfast(PDF, 53KB)
12 Jul No More Driving Round in Circles Thanks to New Learner Driver Booklet(PDF, 63KB)
12 Jul  Every Picture Tells a Story(PDF, 53KB)
7 Jul  Coxs Road Tree Vandalism(PDF, 54KB)

June 2010

Date   Title
28 Jun Multi-Lingual Brochure Makes Contact with Police Interpreter Easier(PDF, 62KB)
25 Jun West Ryde Community Centre Construction Commencement(PDF, 61KB)
25 Jun Free Child Restraint Checking Day - Book Now(PDF, 61KB)
23 Jun 'Vivid' Paakantji Art Comes to Brush Farm House(PDF, 54KB)
11 Jun Youth Enviro Art Prize(PDF, 54KB)
3 Jun $50 Million Defence Technology Hub For Macquarie Park(PDF, 54KB)

May 2010

Date Title
28 May  New Loo Block Has Women's Soccer Cheering(PDF, 62KB)
27 May Come to the Ryde Sustainability Family Fun Festival(PDF, 63KB)
19 May Awards Recognise Our Volunteers' Great Contribution(PDF, 66KB)
18 May  Eastwood Pedestrians Reminded to 'Stop Look and Listen'(PDF, 61KB)
17 May  Microbiz Week Seminars - Book Now!(PDF, 55KB)
17 May Healthy Report Card for Council(PDF, 63KB)
12 May  Parents Give 98% Satisfaction Rating for Immunisation Clinic(PDF, 62KB)
12 May Awards Recognise Our Volunteers' Great Contribution(PDF, 56KB)
 5 May Council Adopts Zero Tolerance to Illegal Boarding House Operators(PDF, 61KB)

 April 2010

Date Title
27 Apr City of Ryde Receives International IT Award(PDF, 54KB)
15 Apr  Join Our Fight Against Graffiti(PDF, 54KB)
15 Apr Join Our Fight To Enforce Dog Controls
9 Apr Mayor Moves to Hybrid Car(PDF, 54KB)
8 Apr Dunbar Park Wetlands to Get a Facelift(PDF, 84KB)

March 2010

Date Title
31 Mar Ross River Virus Found in Local Mosquitos(PDF, 61KB)
19 Mar Quick Thinking is No Drama at Performance Workshop(PDF, 54KB)
19 Mar New Partnership Recognises Importance of Local Aboriginal Heritage(PDF, 54KB)
12 Mar Slow Down in My Street
11 Mar 'All the Colours of Ryde' Festival(PDF, 16KB)
5 Mar Council Resolution on Social Housing(PDF, 84KB)
5 Mar Everyone's Welcome At the North Ryde Park Reopening(PDF, 85KB)

February 2010

Date Title
25 Feb City - Country Cricket Match Bonds Partnership(PDF, 54KB)
23 Feb Backyard Pools Are Fun - And Safer - When Fenced!(PDF, 62KB)
17 Feb Breakfast with Women Who Make a Difference(PDF, 72KB)
15 Feb Safe Driving Workshops(PDF, 60KB)
12 Feb New Wharf Street Boat Ramp Boost For Riverlife And Boaties(PDF, 61KB)
12 Feb Nominate Now for 2010 Volunteer Recognition Awards(PDF, 53KB)
8 Feb Ryde To Host Local Government Women's Conference(PDF, 53KB)

January 2010

Date  Title
29 Jan  Red Lanterns Light the Way for Lunar New Year at Eastwood(PDF, 53KB)
27 Jan Women in Local Government Meeting in Ryde(PDF, 55KB)
26 Jan For Outstanding Service to the Community(PDF, 79KB)
12 Jan Tree Management and Safety(PDF, 15KB)
6 Jan Cinema 2010 Australia Day Ambassador Nick Gleeson Invites You To 'Explore The World Without Sight'(PDF, 28KB)
6 Jan Celebrate 2010 Australia Day With Us(PDF, 25KB)
6 Jan 2010 Australia Day Ambassador Bick Gleeson Invites You To 'Explore The World Without Sight'(PDF, 19KB)

December 2011

Date Title
20 Dec So You Want to be a Councillor 2012 Seminars(PDF, 39KB)
16 Dec International Womens Day Art Prize Exhibition(PDF, 38KB)
15 Dec Family Favourites - A Feast of Culinary Secrets(PDF, 39KB)
15 Dec Go Red For Women Success(PDF, 39KB)
13 Dec Town Gown Partnership Looks to Future(PDF, 69KB)

November 2011

Date Title
28 Nov Mass Swearing at White Ribbon Breakfast(PDF, 35KB)
21 Nov City of Ryde Sets the Record Straight on Civic Precinct(PDF, 39KB)
18 Nov City of Ryde Calls for Tighter Regulations on Student Accommodation(PDF, 58KB)
10 Nov Festive News and Events(PDF, 45KB)
10 Nov Council in Sound Financial Position(PDF, 44KB)
10 Nov Ryde Park Goes Beached As(PDF, 39KB)
8 Nov Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 32KB)
7 Nov Mayor Sets Record Straight for Ryde Civic Precinct Redevelopment(PDF, 40KB)
4 Nov What's On in the City of Ryde - Free Events(PDF, 40KB)
3 Nov Men Urged to 'Take the Pledge' at White Ribbon Breakfast(PDF, 39KB)
2 Nov November News in Brief(PDF, 44KB)

October 2011

Date Title
31 Oct Eastwood Cinema in the Plaza Success(PDF, 34KB)
28 Oct Seminar for Potential Women Councillors(PDF, 35KB)
26 Oct Youth Environment Prize Winners(PDF, 38KB)
19 Oct Cinema in the Plaza - Eastwood(PDF, 34KB)
11 Oct Eastwood Kids Go Active to School(PDF, 39KB)
11 Oct Rates a Winner for City of Ryde(PDF, 35KB)
11 Oct Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 27KB)
6 Oct Korean National Day Flag Ceremony(PDF, 39KB)
5 Oct Investigation of Alleged Dog Attacks(PDF, 39KB)

September 2011

Date Title
29 Sep Capital Works Update(PDF, 67KB)
27 Sep Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 40KB)
27 Sep Cool at the Core 2011(PDF, 47KB)
26 Sep A - Z of Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 41KB)
26 Sep Ryde Provides Missing Link in Harbour Walk(PDF, 40KB)
16 Sep SecondHand Saturday Fever(PDF, 46KB)
14 Sep Mayoral Election 2011(PDF, 40KB)
13 Sep Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 37KB)
2 Sep Eat History - A Feast of Family Recipes(PDF, 40KB)

August 2011

Date Title
30 Aug Australian National Flag Day(PDF, 40KB)
30 Aug New Council Meeting Structure(PDF, 44KB)
30 Aug Ryde Rivers Festival(PDF, 39KB)
29 Aug Ryde Civic Precinct Planning Proposal - Public Consultation(PDF, 29KB)
25 Aug Partners for a Stronger Economic Future(PDF, 52KB)
24 Aug Ryde Businesses Cut Energy Bills(PDF, 40KB)
23 Aug Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 39KB)
22 Aug New Look Website(PDF, 349KB)
10 Aug Ryde Community and Sports Centre Opening Celebrations(PDF, 43KB)
4 Aug Surf's Up at Ryde(PDF, 35KB)
2 Aug Knitters Rise Early for Wrap with Love(PDF, 35KB)

July 2011

Date Title
19 Jul Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 31KB)
18 Jul Mayor Leads City of Ryde onto International Stage(PDF, 40KB)
7 Jul National Tree Day Seeds Community Growth(PDF, 41KB)
1 Jul New Ryde Community and Sports Centre Opens(PDF, 40KB)

June 2011

Date Title
28 Jun Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 64KB)
22 Jun City of Ryde Success at National Assembly(PDF, 58KB)
15 Jun City of Ryde Mayor to Attend International Business Summit in Brisbane(PDF, 54KB)
14 Jun Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 61KB)
10 Jun Gold Award for City of Ryde Annual Report(PDF, 65KB)
9 Jun One Drop Festival - Eco Fun for All the Family(PDF, 75KB)
7 Jun Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 73KB)

May 2011

Date Title
25 May Records Broken at New Ryde Library(PDF, 58KB)
24 May Mayor Drops in for Big Morning Tea(PDF, 58KB)
10 May Graffiti Action Day(PDF, 60KB)
10 May Awards Recognise Our Volunteers' Great Contribution(PDF, 56KB)
9 May Local Urged to Get Active by Walking for Fitness(PDF, 60KB)
3 May Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 65KB)
2 May New Centre for Planning and Business Opens(PDF, 61KB)
2 May City of Ryde Wins Women in Local Government Excellence Award(PDF, 53KB)

April 2011

Date Title
28 Apr Healthy Kids Go Active 2 School(PDF, 61KB)
21 Apr New Ryde Library(PDF, 66KB)
19 Apr Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 64KB)
12 Apr Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 63KB)
1 Apr Charity Golf Hits Gold on Green(PDF, 62KB)

March 2011

Date Title
29 Mar When Trouble Strikes, How Do You Act?(PDF, 61KB)
28 Mar Humans the Living Link Between Libraries(PDF, 54KB)
22 Mar Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 59KB)
21 Mar Council to Protect Grave Site of Bennelong(PDF, 54KB)
8 Mar Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 63KB)
3 Mar All the Colours of Ryde Festival(PDF, 61KB)
1 Mar Great Response to International Women's Day Art(PDF, 53KB)
1 Mar Committee of the Whole - Meeting Summary(PDF, 65KB)

February 2011

Date Title
24 Feb Make a Date for Cinema in the Park(PDF, 60KB)
22 Feb Committee of the Whole - Meeting Summary(PDF, 63KB)
22 Feb Love Food Hate Waste Student Demo(PDF, 69KB)
18 Feb Top Ryde City Receivership(PDF, 53KB)
17 Feb Cinema in the Park(PDF, 61KB)
15Feb Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 66KB)
10 Feb Ryde Council to Fight Planning Minister's Direction on Community Radio Transmitter(PDF, 53KB)
4 Feb International Women's Day Art Exhibition - Entries Now Open(PDF, 61KB)
2 Feb $20,000 Flood Disaster Appeal Pledge(PDF, 53KB)
1 Feb Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 66KB)
1 Feb City of Ryde Wins Inaugural Local Government Gender Equity Award(PDF, 53KB)

January 2011

Date Title
28 Jan Cinema in the Park Festival - Twice the fun over two weekends(PDF, 64KB)
26 Jan For Service to the Community - 2011 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 62KB)
25Jan World & Olympic Champion Steps In As Ryde’s Australia Day Ambassador
19Jan Lunar New Year Celebrations(PDF, 61KB)
18Jan Have Your Say on How To Keep Crime Low(PDF, 53KB)
17Jan Kid's Art Reinforces Back-To-School Road Safety Campaign(PDF, 62KB)
13Jan Australia Day Concert: Your Chance to Help Queensland Flood Victims(PDF, 54KB)
7Jan Illegal Dumping on the Increase(PDF, 69KB)
7 Jan 2011 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 62KB)
6 Jan Celebrate Australia Day 2011 With Us(PDF, 62KB)


December 2012

Date Title
21 Dec Update on Golden Goal, Ryde Bowling Club(PDF, 48KB)
14 Dec Capital Works Update - November 2012 - March 2013(PDF, 45KB)
11 Dec Award for Ryde’s ‘Outstanding’ Sustainable Business Model and Commitment(PDF, 41KB)
7 Dec Council action Ensures No Disruption to Futsal Competition(PDF, 34KB)
6 Dec Ryde Student Wins Aboriginal Heritage Poster Competition(PDF, 34KB)
6 Dec Jubilee Tree Planting(PDF, 34KB)

November 2012

Date Title
28 Nov Brush Farm House a New ‘Hub Of Learning’(PDF, 35KB)
28 Nov North Ryde Selected as Urban Activation Precinct(PDF, 35KB)
23 Nov City of Ryde Works Update(PDF, 38KB)
22 Nov Local Men’s Shed Open Day(PDF, 34KB)
19 Nov Fun And Goodwill at the Ryde Community Christmas Celebration(PDF, 38KB)
13 Nov Say ‘No’ To Violence at White Ribbon Day Breakfast(PDF, 35KB)
12 Nov Creativity Pops Up at Macquarie Centre(PDF, 35KB)
12 Nov Gravity - When Shakespeare collides with Star Trek(PDF, 30KB)
5 Nov Ryde Council Wins Top Animal Management Plan Award(PDF, 39KB)
5 Nov Our Christmas Community Events Are Bursting With Goodwill(PDF, 40KB)
5 Nov Ryde Ratepayers the Winners Following Landmark Court Ruling Against Ratings Agency Standard and Poor's(PDF, 39KB)
2 Nov Spring Garden Competition Uncovers Abundance of Local Talent(PDF, 53KB)

October 2012

Date Title
29 Oct Chipmunks Ahoy! - Cinema in the Plaza, Eastwood(PDF, 34KB)
29 Oct Watch Where Your Waste Goes - National Recycling Week(PDF, 39KB)
25 Oct Capital Works Update(PDF, 41KB)
22 Oct Wrap up of Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 35KB)
18 Oct Kent Street Kids Go ACTIVE2SCHOOL(PDF, 39KB)
17 Oct River to River Holy Cross Bird Habitat(PDF, 35KB)
5 Oct Waste Not, Want Not At Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 40KB)
5 Oct Celebrating Our Community(PDF, 83KB)
4 Oct 52nd Ryde Art Awards and Exhibition(PDF, 84KB)

September 2012

Date Title
28 Sep Court Lifts Injunction After Council Undertaking(PDF, 35KB)
28 Sep Capital Works Update September 2012(PDF, 41KB)
27 Sep Mayoral Election 2012(PDF, 35KB)
25 Sep Granny Smith Festival - Your A - Z of Fun(PDF, 79KB)
20 Sep "Lone" Ranger's Ryde Exchange(PDF, 34KB)
20 Sep The Third Season - Ryde's Spring Art Exhibitions(PDF, 35KB)
18 Sep Local Government Election Results 2012(PDF, 34KB)
5 Sep Be a Better Cyclist - Bike Week Clinic(PDF, 39KB)
5 Sep 'Growing' Origami Cranes at West Ryde Library(PDF, 34KB)
3 Sep Ryde Wins eTown Award(PDF, 34KB)

August 2012

Date Title
15 Aug Vandalism at Putney Park(PDF, 34KB)
14 Aug Welcome To ‘My Place’(PDF, 35KB)
7 Aug Spring Garden Competition: How Well does Your Garden Grow?(PDF, 38KB)
3 Aug Local School Kids Join In Ground Breaking Event for Livvi's Place All-Abilities Playground(PDF, 38KB)
3 Aug Ryde's 'Outstanding' Environmental Commitment and Achievements Award(PDF, 118KB)

July 2012

Date Title
26 Jul Wrap with Love is a Stitch Up(PDF, 35KB)
24 Jul Statement from Acting General Manager City of Ryde, regarding the role of current General Manager(PDF, 34KB)
24 Jul Public Works Update(PDF, 34KB)
19 Jul Squeals of Joy Under the New ‘Rainbow Water Arches’ at the RALC(PDF, 35KB)
17 Jul "E" is for Easy, Efficient Customer Service(PDF, 39KB)
11 Jul Thousands of eBooks now at your local library - free and online(PDF, 35KB)

June 2012

Date Title
28 Jun Ryde Civic Precinct Redevelopment on Track(PDF, 59KB)
21 Jun North West Rail Link a Boon for City of Ryde(PDF, 35KB)
20 Jun Land-Owners Master Plan For Coxs Road Development - Council To Investigate Public Consultation Irregularity(PDF, 33KB)
13 Jun Setback To Ryde Civic Precinct Redevelopment(PDF, 37KB)

May 2012

Date Title
25 May Council ties up White Ribbon MOU(PDF, 34KB)
18 May Volunteer Recognition Award Winners(PDF, 37KB)
10 May Allengrove Development Refused(PDF, 40KB)
3 May Bag It!(PDF, 39KB)

April 2012

Date Title
30 Apr Denistone East Kids Go Active 2 School(PDF, 43KB)
30 Apr Peter Corris - A Licence to Thrill(PDF, 39KB)
27 Apr Netball Courts $155K Upgrade(PDF, 42KB)
20 Apr Eastwood Flash Floods(PDF, 38KB)
12 Apr Ryde Youth Rock at Battle of the Bands(PDF, 39KB)
12 Apr Council Staff Relocation Decision(PDF, 39KB)
11 Apr Tenders Confirmed for Future of Ryde Civic Precinct Development(PDF, 39KB)
2 Apr Employment and Training Opportunities in City of Ryde(PDF, 42KB)

March 2012

Date Title
30 Mar Short Story School Challenge(PDF, 42KB)
27 Mar Local Scouts Support New Citizens(PDF, 38KB)
23 Mar West Ryde Community Centre Opens(PDF, 39KB)
19 Mar Mayor Welcomes Taskforce on Macquarie Park(PDF, 39KB)
15 Mar Sky's the Limit for New Playgrounds(PDF, 44KB)
9 Mar Mayor Welcomes Taskforce for Macquarie Park(PDF, 39KB)
6 Mar Planning Controls for Ryde Civic Precinct Approved by NSW Government(PDF, 38KB)

February 2012

Date Title
28 Feb Be a Sport at 'All the Colours of Ryde' Festival(PDF, 44KB)
22 Feb Stars Come Out for Livvi's Place Charity Drive(PDF, 39KB)
17 Feb Business Breakfast on Crime Prevention(PDF, 39KB)
17 Feb IWD Art Competition to Inspire Women of the Future(PDF, 39KB)
14 Feb City of Ryde Mayor sets the record straight on YouTube - Ryde Civic Precinct Redevelopment(PDF, 35KB)
7 Feb Eastwood Library 21st Celebrations(PDF, 55KB)
7 Feb Scores on Doors - New food hygiene system(PDF, 39KB)

January 2012

Date Title
31 Jan Art to Inspire Women of the Future(PDF, 39KB)
26 Jan 2012 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Winners(PDF, 38KB)
24 Jan Love to Read in February(PDF, 41KB)
19 Jan Celebrate the Lunar New Year(PDF, 36KB)
16 Jan We Will Rock You - On Australia Day(PDF, 40KB)
16 Jan Ryde Civic Precinct Planning Proposal - The Facts(PDF, 41KB)
11 Jan So You Want to Be A Councillor 2012 Seminars(PDF, 39KB)
9 Jan 2012 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 36KB)

2013 Media Releases

December 2013

Date Title
16 Dec West Ryde Shopfront People's Choice(PDF, 48KB)
12 Dec 6-foot surf at RALC "for the Ryde of your life"
10 Dec Launch of, 48KB)
06 Dec Livvi's Place - the playground that makes Sydney more liveable(PDF, 48KB)
03 Dec Celebrate Christmas at one of our free community events(PDF, 143KB)
02 Dec Artist Luke Kim Returns to Brush Farm House(PDF, 144KB)

November 2013

Date Title
21 Nov Artisans Market To Be Launched at West Ryde(PDF, 91KB)
19 Nov Fun and magic of a Christmas Beach Party at Ryde Park(PDF, 86KB)
19 Nov Friday 13th Frightful Christmas Movie Treat(PDF, 52KB)
18 Nov 'Selfless Acts' Theme for 2014 Women's Day Art Prize(PDF, 91KB)
14 Nov Council Says 'Thanks Is Enough'(PDF, 214KB)
12 Nov Say 'No' to Violence Against Women at Mayor's White Ribbon Walk
08 Nov End Women's Cancers Event Comes to Ryde(PDF, 95KB)
07 Nov Flanders Poppies Bloomed in Ryde Fields(PDF, 81KB)
01 Nov Remembrance Day Services(PDF, 43KB)

October 2013

Date Title
29 Oct Ryde Wins National Project Management Excellence Award(PDF, 278KB)
25 Oct Spring Garden Competition Produces Top Crop(PDF, 37KB)
23 Oct City of Ryde Establishes Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal With $5,000 Donation(PDF, 48KB)
23 Oct Korean National Day Flag Ceremony(PDF, 47KB)
15 Oct Why My Granny is Special - Competition Winner(PDF, 47KB)
14 Oct Window Displays to Transform West Ryde Retail Experience(PDF, 47KB)
01 Oct Granny Smith Festival 2013 is Flavour of the Month(PDF, 141KB)

September 2013

Date Title
26 Sep Improve Your Prospects at Ryde Jobs and Skills Expo(PDF, 51KB)
20 Sep Engaging Citizens for a Better Community(PDF, 43KB)
11 Sep Mayoral Election 2013(PDF, 46KB)
11 Sep Bumper Crop in Entries in Spring Garden Competition(PDF, 116KB)
11 Sep School Holiday Skate Clinics for All Levels(PDF, 147KB)
03 Sep Big Crowds at Hungry for Art(PDF, 138KB)

August 2013

Date Title
28 Aug Public Works Update August 2013(PDF, 52KB)
27 Aug Livvi's Place Project Team Wins Best Practice Award(PDF, 46KB)
23 Aug Transition to 'Big' School Made Easier(PDF, 44KB)
23 Aug Extra Funding for Putney Park Rejuvenation(PDF, 43KB)
22 Aug Acting General Manager Resigns(PDF, 65KB)
15 Aug Playground Renewal Plan gets $1.52M Boost(PDF, 93KB)
14 Aug Council to Address Risks Raised in ICAC Hearing(PDF, 51KB)
06 Aug Help stamp out graffiti – Report it NOW!(PDF, 47KB)
06 Aug Ryde Local Heritage Assistance Fund(PDF, 46KB)

July 2013

Date Title
31 Jul New Accessible Taxi Rank Hailed a Winner(PDF, 46KB)
31 Jul New Hub to Improve Wellbeing of Local Youth(PDF, 52KB)
12 Jul Spring Garden Competition(PDF, 69KB)
05 Jul

Council responds to Future Directions for Local Government proposal(PDF, 55KB)

Attachment: Results of Amalgamation(PDF, 283KB)

03 Jul Affordable spaces for artists to create(PDF, 46KB)

June 2013

Date Title
28 Jun Go4Fun School Holiday Workshops for Kids(PDF, 46KB)
27 Jun Read this to… satisfy your appetites(PDF, 154KB)
26 Jun Deputy Mayor Takes Over Duties of Mayor(PDF, 47KB)
25 Jun NAIDOC Week Activities in City of Ryde(PDF, 47KB)
20 Jun Free Wifi in Eastwood 24/7(PDF, 103KB)
19 Jun ICAC Investigation(PDF, 103KB)
07 Jun City Of Ryde Annual Report Gold! GOLD! GOLD!(PDF, 48KB)
07 Jun 2013 YEP! It’s a winner(PDF, 51KB)
04 Jun City of Ryde Residents Say NO to Amalgamation(PDF, 92KB)

May 2013

Date Title
29 May Civic Centre Five Year Maintenance Program Begins(PDF, 47KB)
29 May Birds Roam River to River Thanks to Community Effort(PDF, 48KB)
20 May Kids Go Active 2 School at Meadowbank Public(PDF, 40KB)
20 May West Ryde Community Centre Dedication Celebration(PDF, 65KB)
20 May Ryde Welcomes New Centre for Migrants and Refugees(PDF, 49KB)
17 May Awards Recognise Our Volunteers’ Great Work(PDF, 39KB)
16 May Ryde Council calls on community to vote ‘Yes’ in referendum on local government(PDF, 41KB)
10 May Brush Farm House Opens Up(PDF, 46KB)

April 2013

Date Title
24 Apr City of Ryde now a Refugee Welcome Zone(PDF, 39KB)
24 Apr Council Hosts the Mayor of Martone(PDF, 171KB)
22 Apr Free Outdoor Table Tennis at Eastwood(PDF, 43KB)
11 Apr Open Door to Community Council Meeting(PDF, 34KB)
11 Apr Forty Eight Local Organisations Receive Council Grants(PDF, 46KB)
11 Apr Star Gazing in Ryde(PDF, 39KB)
05 Apr City of Ryde Capital Work Update March/April 2013(PDF, 41KB)

March 2013

Date Title
13 Mar Working party to expedite West Ryde construction(PDF, 44KB)
12 Mar More of everything at All the Colours of Ryde Festival(PDF, 40KB)
08 Mar International Women’s Day Art Prize – Winners(PDF, 40KB)
06 Mar Residents eager to be part of new Advisory Committee(PDF, 38KB)
06 Mar Community Information Expo 2013(PDF, 38KB)
04 Mar Council wants action on West Ryde town centre redevelopment(PDF, 39KB)
01 Mar International Women's Day Art Exhibition(PDF, 38KB)

February 2013

Date Title
21 Feb Seniors get busy to ‘Live Life!’(PDF, 38KB)
18 Feb Eastwood Library’s ‘Fresh’ Reopening(PDF, 39KB)
14 Feb Community workshop to discuss proposed Waterloo Park floodlighting(PDF, 38KB)
13 Feb Down to Business at City of Ryde(PDF, 39KB)
13 Feb Investigation Shows No Irregular Dealings With Health Program Provider(PDF, 44KB)
12 Feb Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 36KB)
08 Feb City of Ryde General Manager Resigns(PDF, 38KB)
07 Feb Comedy! Animation! Action! Cinema In The Park Returns(PDF, 47KB)
06 Feb Welcome In The Year Of The Snake(PDF, 39KB)

January 2013

Date Title
25 Jan Capital Works Update November 2012 – February 2013(PDF, 49KB)
24 Jan Livvi’s Place At Yamble Reserve – Grand Opening(PDF, 43KB)
11 Jan 2013 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 44KB)
11 Jan 2013 Australia Day Celebrations(PDF, 46KB)
08 Jan Future Looks Bright for Town-Gown Partnership(PDF, 44KB)

December 2014

Date Title
10 Dec Revised Delivery Plan Delivering Additional Works from Proposed Increase in Rates(PDF, 239KB)
10 Dec City of Ryde Goes to the Polls – Election to Replace Councillor Ivan Petch(PDF, 216KB)
04 Dec Ryde Futures Partnership Continues(PDF, 173KB)
03 Dec Let the Celebrations Begin(PDF, 408KB)

November 2014

Date Title
27 Nov City of Ryde appoints a new General Manager(PDF, 214KB)
25 Nov Join our Festive Season of Community Goodwill(PDF, 410KB)
20 Nov Photos Reveal the faces and Stories of West Ryde(PDF, 215KB)
18 Nov West Ryde Celebrates with Open Day(PDF, 411KB)
14 Nov Ryde Ratepayers Support Reasonable Rate Increase(PDF, 224KB)
10 Nov Ryde Affordable Housing Summit 2014(PDF, 315KB)
03 Nov Remembrance Day Services(PDF, 47KB)

October 2014

Date Title
30 Oct What's in a Street Name(PDF, 427KB)
28 Oct Join our Festive Season of Community Goodwill(PDF, 407KB)
24 Oct Winners of Spring Garden Competition Announced(PDF, 341KB)
23 Oct Enviro Challenge shows schools are eco savvy(PDF, 322KB)
20 Oct Granny Smith Festival 2014 - Wrap(PDF, 229KB)
13 Oct Looking Glass Bay Path Upgrade(PDF, 212KB)
09 Oct Gladesville Library Joint Agreement Signed(PDF, 164KB)
08 Oct Be seduced by Exotic Wonders - A musical feast(PDF, 407KB)
07 Oct West Ryde Sculpture Trail to boost Christmas shopping(PDF, 318KB)

September 2014

Date Title
20 Sep She's Apples at the Granny Smith Festival 2014(PDF, 313KB)
16 Sep West Ryde women making art and friends(PDF, 217KB)
12 Sep Language-friendly workshop makes going to 'big' school(PDF, 213KB)
12 Sep New Local Environment Plan for City of Ryde(PDF, 189KB)
10 Sep School Excellence Awards(PDF, 313KB)
10 Sep Mayoral Election 2014(PDF, 138KB)
01 Sep Small Business September is on again!(PDF, 95KB)

August 2014

Date Title
25 Aug Showcasing Willandra House(PDF, 215KB)
15 Aug Ryde Library Welcomes One Millionth Visito(PDF, 212KB)r
15 Aug 'Transformative' Sustainable Art Prize Winners(PDF, 213KB)
12 Aug Mayor launches Grand Piano at Eisteddfod(PDF, 231KB)
08 Aug Surf Ryder switched on at Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre(PDF, 286KB)
07 Aug Sustainable living theme inspires local artists(PDF, 184KB)
07 Aug Ryde Civic Centre celebrates 50 years of service(PDF, 221KB)
01 Aug  Community asked to have say on rates(PDF, 182KB) 

July 2014

Date Title
31 Jul New vegetation clearing rules for high risk bushfire areas(PDF, 192KB)
23 Jul Ryde Remembers Battle of Lone Pine(PDF, 207KB)
22 Jul Best Kids' eBooks now online(PDF, 209KB)
21 Jul Mayor's chilly Winter Sleepout a success(PDF, 113KB)
21 Jul City of Ryde mourns the loss of a valuable team member Victor Oreshkin(PDF, 250KB)
16 Jul Sharpen your Secateurs for the Annual Spring Garden Competition(PDF, 101KB)
16 Jul Women.. Traditions.. Acts Activation(PDF, 94KB)
11 Jul Discover the Tastes of Hong Kong Fusion(PDF, 90KB)
10 Jul Wrap with Love Knitting by Numbers(PDF, 104KB)
08 Jul Create a Haven for Native Birds - National Tree Day Event(PDF, 90KB)
03 Jul Boarding Houses Fact Sheet(PDF, 230KB)

June 2014

Date Title
30 Jun Council moves forward after ICAC Findings(PDF, 178KB)
18 Jun City of Ryde Wins National E-Waste Recycling Award(PDF, 183KB)
11 Jun Council to Apply for CCTV Funding(PDF, 213KB)
06 Jun Prayer Breakfast Message "Turn Messages into Miracles"(PDF, 47KB)

May 2014

Date Title
29 May Sky's the Limit for July School Holiday Fun(PDF, 74KB)
27 May Council Meeting Outcomes(PDF, 132KB)
13 May Bring Your Recycled Artwork to Life(PDF, 102KB)
12 May Free Fun for Everyone at Livvi's Place Family Fun Day(PDF, 99KB)
05 May Volunteer Partners Help Restore Wildlife Corridor(PDF, 120KB)

April 2014

Date Title
30 Apr Finding Named Finalist in Arts and Culture Awards(PDF, 108KB)
24 Apr Council Rejects Inappropriate Development(PDF, 213KB)
16 Apr Anzac Treasure Trove as Ryde Remembers(PDF, 122KB)
08 Apr West Ryde Library is Rockin'(PDF, 106KB)
04 Apr April School Holiday and Anzac Activities(PDF, 132KB)
04 Apr Junior Discoverer's Club Starts with a Bang(PDF, 116KB)
03 Apr Students Learn the 4Rs at Take3(PDF, 125KB)

March 2014

Date Title
28 Mar Council Focus on West Ryde Community(PDF, 126KB)
26 Mar New Youth Services Hub Opens(PDF, 58KB)
24 Mar Council Crews Quick Response to Flooding Emergency(PDF, 213KB)
20 Mar Council Submits Response to Local Government Review Panel(PDF, 48KB)
12 Mar Seniors Week 2014 Activities Updated(PDF, 80KB)
11 Mar Racism. It Stops With Me(PDF, 144KB)
10 Mar Harmony Day Celebrations(PDF, 46KB)
07 Mar ‘Selfless Acts’ on show at International Women’s Day Art Prize - Winners(PDF, 88KB)
03 Mar ‘Selfless Acts’ on show at International Women’s Day Art Exhibition(PDF, 46KB)
03 Mar Seniors Week 2014 Activities(PDF, 94KB)
03 Mar Ryde Remembers(PDF, 69KB)

February 2014

Date Title
18 Feb Monsters, Villains and Superheroes on the Big Screen when Cinema in the Park Returns(PDF, 49KB)
17 Feb Keep Our Roads Safe(PDF, 126KB)

January 2014

Date Title
26 Jan For Service To The Community(PDF, 48KB)
20 Jan Council Offers Scholarship to Small Biz Entrepreneur with Big Idea(PDF, 52KB)
15 Jan Stolen Citrus Trees Leaves a Bad Taste(PDF, 93KB)
13 Jan Local Heroes, Aussie Icons and Legends of Rock Headline Ryde's Australia Day Celebrations(PDF, 220KB)
10 Jan Ryde Salutes Banjo Paterson(PDF, 322KB)



Date  Title
18 Dec State Government announces Forced Mergers and ignores our Communities(PDF, 366KB)
16 Dec   End of the line mentality for Macquarie Park to Parramatta Light Rail(PDF, 231KB) 
16 Dec Council votes for synthetic turf to ease soaring demand for sporting fields(PDF, 231KB)
15 Dec End of the Line Mentality for Macquarie Park to Parramatta Light Rail(PDF, 230KB)
14 Dec

Christmas Lights Winners Lighting Up Ryde Skies(PDF, 222KB)

8 Dec Light Rail decision has let Ryde down, again(PDF, 217KB) 
7 Dec A Happy Ho-Ho Time at the Community Christmas Celebration(PDF, 205KB)
3 Dec

Unique Calendar Designed to Promote Road Safety(PDF, 209KB)


Date   Title
27 Nov

Making Parramatta River Swimmable Again By 2025 – One Year In(PDF, 3MB)

27 Nov

Ryde’s Night Time Economy – Activating Macquarie Park(PDF, 214KB)

20 Nov  New M.E.R.C. Unveilled by Liquor Accord(PDF, 219KB)
19 Nov Council's Human White Ribbon Raises Awareness(PDF, 289KB)
19 Nov  JRA Partners will not succumb to Premier's 'Bully-Boy' Tactics(PDF, 441KB)
 12 Nov City of Ryde Steps Up to Challenge of Affordable Housing(PDF, 216KB)
10 Nov Your Special Rates at Work(PDF, 239KB)
04 Nov 

Parramatta Council’s Hostile Take Over Bid will Suck the Life Blood out of Ryde’s Economy(PDF, 213KB)



Date Title 
29 Oct

Parliamentary Inquiry Vindicates Joint Regional Authority as a Superior Model for Councils in Metropolitan Sydney(PDF, 356KB) 

23 Oct  Ryde's strong labour force continues to build(PDF, 186KB)
23 Oct

Winners of Spring Garden Competition Announced(PDF, 253KB)

20 Oct Ryde Financially Fit - Yet Still Slated For Merger(PDF, 286KB)
19 Oct Granny Smith 30th Festival Goes Off With a Bang(PDF, 324KB)
15 Oct Ryde Heritage Trail Launch Event(PDF, 213KB)
15 Oct

Keep Councils Local:LGNSW Delegates Demonstrate Overwhelming Support for the Formation of Joint Organisations for Metropolitan Sydney(PDF, 280KB) 

15 Oct City of Ryde Art Society Exhibition(PDF, 357KB)
02 Oct Ryde River Walk's new Gladesville section reveals hidden gems(PDF, 217KB)


 Date Title 
29 Sep Do you know someone who makes our community a better place?(PDF, 226KB)
29 Sep Granny Smith Festival's 30th Year(PDF, 301KB)
24 Sep Ryde Mayor Disappointed at the State Government’s Announcement for Macquarie Park(PDF, 218KB)
21 Sep  Mayor Laxale Calls for More Action on Schools(PDF, 211KB)
17 Sep Ryde Ready to Welcome Refugees(PDF, 212KB)
11 Sep Power Outage across suburbs of Ryde - Thursday 10 September 2015(PDF, 167KB)
09 Sep City of Ryde Mayoral Election 2015(PDF, 287KB)
09 Sep New Council and Committee Meeting Calendar(PDF, 215KB)
03 Sep Bike Week Skills and Safety Clinics(PDF, 245KB)
02 Sep Councils deliver on a new ten-year regional waste contract for Northern Sydney(PDF, 346KB)


Date   Title
27 Aug  Surf Ryder Wins NSW Project of the Year Award(PDF, 299KB) 
27 Aug Councillors want value for money on all-weather sports field surface(PDF, 204KB)
26 Aug NSW Electoral Commission determines not to prosecute Ryde Councillors following ICAC Investigation(PDF, 209KB)
21 Aug The Art of Transforming Waste to Art(PDF, 368KB)
20 Aug Ryde Swim Teacher Named Best In The Nation(PDF, 211KB)
18 Aug  Training and Employment opportunities at Ryde Jobs & Skills Expo(PDF, 225KB) 
10 Aug Ryde Council Wins Prestigious Communications Award(PDF, 185KB)
07 Aug City of Ryde to sign Friendship Agreement with Dongguan City(PDF, 208KB)


Date Title
24 Jul Unusually High Winter Rainfall Disrupts Football Season(PDF, 299KB)
22 Jul Crackdown on Illegal Dumping(PDF, 220KB)
22 Jul Signing signifies Ryde is a better place for everyone, everyday(PDF, 314KB)
15 Jul Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast(PDF, 210KB)
10 Jul Skill sharing result from Cross-Council Cooperation(PDF, 218KB)
01 Jul High Price of Tree Vandalism(PDF, 156KB)


Date    Title
30 Jun It's time to toil in the soil(PDF, 231KB)
26 Jun Help create a Wildlife Corridor for National Tree Day(PDF, 209KB)
24 Jun No Butts About It - Eastwood Plaza to be Smoke Free Zone(PDF, 217KB)
23 Jun Parramatta Council Labelled ‘Parasitic Megalomaniacs’(PDF, 286KB)
19 Jun Ryde Council Wins Fifth Gold Award for Annual Report(PDF, 227KB)
19 Jun City of Ryde hosts state Age Netball Championships(PDF, 214KB)
18 Jun Banners Promote Smoke Free Campaign(PDF, 132KB)
17 Jun Joint Regional Authority - A superior Solution to Forced Amalgamations(PDF, 381KB)
16 Jun 'Build Light Rail where the jobs are ' says Ryde Mayor(PDF, 294KB)
11 Jun Hornsby Council labelled ‘Desperate and Dateless’ in Hostile Takeover Bid(PDF, 291KB)
04 Jun Community Celebrates Refugee Contribution(PDF, 308KB)


Date Title
29 May ‘Make It Happen’ Women’s Art Prize Winners Announced(PDF, 310KB)
28 May Wave Ryding made easy with Surf Ryder Master Class(PDF, 109KB)
19 May ELS Hall amenities block upgrade kicks goal for the community(PDF, 108KB)
15 May Ryde Bowling Club to Retain Community and Recreational Usage(PDF, 80KB)
15 May Council Resolves to Redevelop Argyle Centre Site(PDF, 83KB)
12 May Volunteer of the Year Winners(PDF, 136KB)
12 May Residents up in Arms at Possibility of Forced Amalgamations(PDF, 238KB)
08 May Construction of Critical Missing Link in Light Rail Network is a ‘No Brainer’(PDF, 242KB)
08 May ELS Hall Amenities Block Upgrade Kicks Goal For The Community(PDF, 224KB)
08 May Hungry for Art Festival Mobile Phone PhotoComp Winners(PDF, 316KB)
06 May City of Ryde Says ‘Thanks’ to Volunteers(PDF, 237KB)
06 May Light Rail Symposium, Friday 8 May 2015(PDF, 226KB)


Date Title
30 Apr Fatality Free Friday - Take the pledge to drive safely(PDF, 310KB)
20 Apr Hungry for Art Festival is Back(PDF, 453KB)
17 Apr Flanders' Poppies Bloom in Ryde(PDF, 442KB)
14 Apr New bigger playground for Memorial Park(PDF, 226KB)
10 Apr City of Ryde Responds to TWU Protest(PDF, 258KB)
07 Apr R Y D E’s Red Letter Anzac Day(PDF, 234KB)
02 Apr National Youth Week 2015 - It Starts With Us(PDF, 383KB)
01 Apr Heart-ful Thanks to Volunteers(PDF, 210KB)


Date      Title
26 Mar Expert Says Forced Mergers Won't Deliver Benefits(PDF, 282KB)
23 Mar Keep Council's Local: MPs in Sydney's North Must Stand up for Ratepayers(PDF, 435KB)
20 Mar Residents Respond Positively to Argyle/Bowling Club Site Options(PDF, 212KB)
20 Mar Keep Councils Local: Ratepayers Reject Amalgamation with 82% Vote(PDF, 438KB)
18 Mar Local women who made change happen(PDF, 387KB)
16 Mar Keep Councils Local: Baird Government must reveal amalgamation plans(PDF, 430KB)
13 Mar Make it Happen Women’s Art Prize Announced(PDF, 210KB)
12 Mar OMG! Don’t get DISTRACTED(PDF, 307KB)
10 Mar Harmony Day Festival with a Latino Twist(PDF, 216KB)
10 Mar Body Cameras see 98% drop in Ranger assaults(PDF, 122KB)
04 Mar P I N K Football4All(PDF, 294KB)


Date Title
25 Feb New East Ward Councillor Declared(PDF, 205KB)
19 Feb Wishing You Good Fortune in the Year of the Sheep(PDF, 230KB)
18 Feb Council Adopts City of Ryde's response to the Fit for the Future Initiative(PDF, 114KB)
17 Feb Ghostbusters at Eastwood Plaza gets the Green Light(PDF, 307KB)
12 Feb Council Adopts the Revised Delivery Plan and Endorses a Special Rates application to IPART(PDF, 113KB)
12 Feb By-election for East Ward, City of Ryde(PDF, 118KB)


Date Title
27 Jan Trampolines Add Extra Bounce at Monash Park(PDF, 205KB)
26 Jan Citizen of the Year Winners 2015(PDF, 107KB)
22 Jan 2015 Community Grants Now Open(PDF, 217KB)
21 Jan Macquarie Park Prospectus(PDF, 222KB)
13 Jan 2015 Citizen & Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 159KB)
09 Jan Australia Day Ambassador Adds Spice to Ryde’s Celebrations(PDF, 217KB)
06 Jan Ryde Celebrates Australia Day 2015(PDF, 320KB)



Date Title
12 Dec Ryde Community Awards Winners(PDF, 149KB)
07 Dec  Ryde Youth Theatre Don't Tell The Others(PDF, 136KB)  
01 Dec  Time To Bring Courtesy Back To The Roads(PDF, 127KB)  


Date Title
30 Nov
Gladesville Library Reopening(PDF, 238KB)
23 Nov
Light up your house and help kids at Christmas(PDF, 291KB)
17 Nov
Social Inclusion Week Events(PDF, 334KB)
15 Nov  Diary Dates for the Festive and Holiday Season(PDF, 245KB)  
14 Nov
Advanced Manufacturing Breakfast Event(PDF, 221KB)
11 Nov
JRPP Macquarie Centre decision hailed as a 'win for the Community'(PDF, 219KB)
09 Nov  Name of Future Ryde Civic Hub Site Announced(PDF, 117KB)


Date Title
28 Oct  Winners of Spring Garden Competition Announced(PDF, 260KB)  
17 Oct  Granny Smith 31st Festival Wrap-Up(PDF, 219KB)  
11 Oct  One Thousand Wishes Can Come True(PDF, 124KB)  
10 Oct  Remember Me - Ryde Youth Theatre's New Production(PDF, 437KB)  
10 Oct  From Seeds To Sunflowers - A Bumper Crop(PDF, 125KB)  
06 Oct The CORE Is Live At Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 162KB)
06 Oct Naming Competition For 'Design Our Ryde' Civic Precinct(PDF, 124KB)   


Date Title
30 Sep  New Ryde Council Chambers Open(PDF, 168KB)  
30 Sep  No By-Election After Resignation Of Clr Craig Chung(PDF, 121KB)  
20 Sep  Granny Smith Festival Comes To Town(PDF, 126KB)  
19 Sep  Mayor Acknowledges Suffering Caused to Councillors by ICAC(PDF, 119KB)  
19 Sep  New Mayor and Deputy Mayoral Elected to City of Ryde Council(PDF, 122KB)  
16 Sep  New Outdoor Gym At Meadowbank Park(PDF, 127KB)
05 Sep  For The Diary - She's Apples At Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 407KB)  


Date Title
19 Aug  Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize Winners(PDF, 332KB)  
08 Aug  Design Our Ryde Winner Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (China)(PDF, 387KB)  
04 Aug  Mayor 'Dismayed' At Baird Government's Decision To Turn Its Back On Open Space(PDF, 141KB)  
03 Aug Design Our Ryde International Competition Winner Announcement(PDF, 151KB)
03 Aug  Proposed Second Life for Ryde Civic Centre(PDF, 162KB)
03 Aug Study Seeks to Improve Ryde's Night Life(PDF, 141KB)


Date Title
27 July  Memorial Book Relocated To New Resting Place(PDF, 127KB)  
08 Jul  The Doorbell - Ryde Youth Theatre's New Production(PDF, 155KB)
07 Jul Design Our Ryde Stage 2 Finalists On Display(PDF, 151KB)
04 Jul

Everythings Coming Up Sunflowers New Childrens Seed Growing Category(PDF, 132KB)

04 Jul 2016 Spring Garden Competition It's Time To Dig Deep(PDF, 138KB)


Date Title
22 June  Put A Freeze On Your Energy Bill(PDF, 126KB)
21 June  One School A Band-Aid Fix For Education Needs In Ryde(PDF, 301KB)  
16 June  'Pledge For Parity' Women's Art Prize Winners(PDF, 158KB)
10 June Ryde Warms to Winter Arts Festival(PDF, 177KB)
09 June Ryde Council Wins Double Gold Hat Trick for Annual Report(PDF, 124KB)



Date Title
 31 May  Mayor Laxale Calls for the Immediate Abondonment of Merger Plans(PDF, 209KB)
 31 May  Council Endorses Extra Funds to Grants Scheme(PDF, 219KB)
 23 May  Ryde Library's Grand Piano Hits The Right Note(PDF, 168KB)
 23 May  Library Week - Visit Your Local Library And Find A Treasure Trove Of Surprises(PDF, 123KB)
 20 May  City of Ryde Kicks Goal With Three All-Weather Sports Fields(PDF, 123KB)
 19 May Council Praises Former General Manager, Gail Connolly(PDF, 136KB)
16 May   Design Our Ryde Final Four Concepts Announced(PDF, 249KB)  
12 May
Mayor Says Ryde Has Been Abandoned By Victor Dominello(PDF, 127KB)
06 May 

Awards Recognise Great Work of Volunteers(PDF, 230KB)

05 May Dellina Palm Cottage to be listed on Ryde’s Heritage Schedule 


Date Title
29 Apr Council funds NBN feasibility study to support small business(PDF, 242KB)
15 Apr  Interactive Honour Board Brings Local Anzac Legend to Life(PDF, 269KB)
13 Apr State Government Accused of Short Changing Eastwood Community(PDF, 223KB)
08 Apr

Design our Ryde Peoples Choice Voting opens 14 April(PDF, 339KB)

04 Apr Texting Pedestrians on Collision Course(PDF, 739KB)


Date Title
23 Mar Mayor Calls for Child Care Strategy(PDF, 213KB)  
18 Mar

Save the Dates in April for Youth Week 2016(PDF, 243KB)

18 Mar

Keeping Track of Birds in our Backyards(PDF, 221KB)


Date Title
29 Feb

Dominello merger deal leaves Ryde Residents facing up to 31% Rate Increase(PDF, 260KB)

26 Feb  Historic property saved from demolition following interim heritage order(PDF, 301KB)  
25 Feb Mobile phones driving pedestrians to distraction(PDF, 440KB)    
23 Feb  Come on Ryde! Let's Clean Up Australia(PDF, 298KB)
22 Feb  CCTV Work begins at Eastwoods Glen Street Carpark(PDF, 134KB)  
19 Feb   EPA joins Our Living River initiative, for a swimmable Parramatta River(PDF, 206KB)  
19 Feb 

Everyone Welcome at the Community Information Expo(PDF, 315KB)

15 Feb Design our Ryde lures strong International Response(PDF, 188KB)
02 Feb Good Fortune and Good Food Aplenty at Eastwood’s Lunar New Year


Date Title
26 Jan 2016 Citizen of the Year Winners Announced(PDF, 109KB)
22 Jan Opportunity Arises for NSW Government to Purchase a Critical School Site in Macquarie Park(PDF, 149KB)
21 Jan Design Competition Announced for Ryde Civic Hub Site(PDF, 332KB)
18 Jan  Cinema in the Park Festival 2016(PDF, 318KB)
18 Jan  Out-dated facts and figures underpin Baird's merger proposal for Ryde(PDF, 228KB)
17 Jan 2016 Community Grant Information Sessions(PDF, 217KB)
13 Jan

2016 Citizen & Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 304KB)

07 Jan Ryde’s Australia Day 2016 Celebrations


Date Title
14 Dec City of Ryde Explores new option for Ryde Central Site(PDF, 235KB)
14 Dec Council to Investigate ‘Live’ Sites for FIFA World Cup(PDF, 251KB)
14 Dec New Nature Inspired Playground for ELS Hall Park(PDF, 284KB)  
13 Dec

Funding for Pedestrian Safety Lights Sought from State Government(PDF, 383KB)

08 Dec

Ahoy Shipmates! New Pirate-Themed Playground Sets Sail(PDF, 398KB)

04 Dec Major Upgrades to Christie Park on Track(PDF, 213KB)  
04 Dec BizSafe Forum Success(PDF, 153KB)


Date Title
29 Nov Council takes Action to save Heritage Building(PDF, 298KB)
29 Nov Better Late than Never - Ryde Mayor Welcomes School and Transport Interchange(PDF, 221KB)
29 Nov Funding Confirmed for Women's Empowerment Activities(PDF, 316KB)
28 Nov March To A Million Wins Top Library Marketing Award(PDF, 164KB)  
11 Nov  Secure, Independent & Ready Women's Forum For White Ribbon(PDF, 130KB)
10 Nov  Mayor Laxale Elected NSROC Vice President(PDF, 120KB)  
3 Nov 2017 Spring Garden Competition Winners(PDF, 234KB)  
3 Nov Council's Road Safety Calendar Message - "It's Easy As"(PDF, 374KB)  



Date Title
31 Oct  Search For Names Missing On Restored WWI Honour Roll(PDF, 339KB)  
30 Oct Diary Dates For The Festive And Holiday Season(PDF, 327KB)  
26 Oct Long Term Planning to Improve Traffic and Road Safety around School(PDF, 224KB)
25 Oct Comprehensive Eastwood Traffic and Parking Study(PDF, 218KB)
16 Oct  For The Diary... Countdown To Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 201KB)  
6 Oct Residents invited to join New Advisory Committees(PDF, 226KB)
4 Oct  Local kids help inspire 'Bird Life' mural on Callaghan Street(PDF, 215KB)
4 Oct Coffee’s Up in Putney - Australia’s First Responsible Cafés Suburb


Date Title
28 Sep New Council Opposes Eastwood Park Carpark(PDF, 215KB)
27 Sep New Mayor and Deputy Mayor Elected to City of Ryde Council(PDF, 222KB)
18 Sep  THE CORE Is Live At Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 127KB)  
18 Sep  Famous Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 198KB)  
7 Sep Sustainable Waste2Art Prize  Winners Announced(PDF, 317KB)


Date Title
22 Aug Youth Council 'Make it Happen' Conference(PDF, 238KB)
18 Aug Waste Swapped to Art Theme Hits the Mark - SWAP Shortlist(PDF, 237KB)
16 Aug City of Ryde Awarded 'Employer of Choice'(PDF, 301KB)


Date Title
31 Jul  Boom! Kapow! eComics Now At Your Local Library(PDF, 165KB)
28 July  Origami Horse Sculptures Find New Pastures(PDF, 144KB)
27 Jul  Ryde Council Gets Keys To First Affordable Housing Unit(PDF, 122KB)  
27 Jul  Ryde Applauds Backflip On Forced Merger(PDF, 119KB)  
24 Jul 'Ryde Central' New Name For Civic Hub Site(PDF, 121KB)


Date Title
27 Jun  Ryde Library Services Pass The Magic Million Visitors(PDF, 142KB)  
27 Jun  Dig Deep For Ryde's Spring Garden Competition 2017(PDF, 154KB)  
27 Jun  Hey Kids! Grow Your Own Tiny Tim Tomatoes(PDF, 134KB)  
27 Jun Wrap With Love Knitting By Numbers(PDF, 131KB)  
26 Jun  Ryde Council's Seventh Gold Annual Report Award(PDF, 122KB)  
26 Jun  Filtered Water Stations = Triple Bonus Effect(PDF, 127KB)  
20 Jun  Funding For Smalls Road Primary School Announced(PDF, 117KB)  
17 Jun  Ryde Youth Theatre Next Production Gorgons' Blessings, Women Rule In An Onstage Medieval Fantasy(PDF, 211KB)  
8 Jun   Freedom Stories Celebrate Refugee Week(PDF, 173KB)
6 Jun  Gladesville Clock Tower Heritage Restoration(PDF, 132KB)  
1 Jun What A Home Means To You - Call Out For Community Art Exhibition(PDF, 144KB)
1 Jun  Balloon Release Banned In City Of Ryde(PDF, 141KB)


Date Title
25 May  Ryde Youth Theatre Secures 4-Year Funding From Council(PDF, 152KB)  
24 May  Cork & Fork Festival Update(PDF, 277KB)  
23 May New Site For Origami Horse Sculptures(PDF, 118KB)
22 May  Councillor Sarkis Yedelian OAM Honoured For Long Service(PDF, 122KB) 
22 May Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize - Turn Trash into Treasure(PDF, 320KB)  
19 May Mayor Congratulates Community Grants Recipients(PDF, 241KB)  
18 May  Guided Walk" 'Fairyland' Track Walk(PDF, 145KB)  
12 May  Something For Everyone At Your Local Library(PDF, 179KB)  
12 May  Volunteer Recognition Award Winners(PDF, 137KB)  
12 May  Ryde Libraries Get $100K Boost For eBooks(PDF, 154KB)  
12 May  EPA and Council's Get The Site Right At Parramatta River Compliance Blitz(PDF, 60KB)
11 May  Cork & Fork Festival Is Set To Pop(PDF, 162KB)  
08 May  City of Ryde Says 'Thanks' To Local Volunteers(PDF, 124KB)  
03 May  Junior Namibian Rugby Team Visits Ryde Aquatic & Leisure Centre(PDF, 121KB)  
02 May Habitat Garden Takes Root With Natives(PDF, 145KB)


Date Title
24 Apr  History Comes Alive at Sydney Writers' Festival(PDF, 389KB)  
20 Apr  Ryde Youth Theatre - You're Such A Lovely Audience(PDF, 159KB)  
19 Apr New Community Recycling Centre Now Open(PDF, 126KB)  
18 Apr  Ryde Remembers WWI Avenue Of Honours Unveiled(PDF, 431KB)
13 Apr  Design Our Ryde Wins Excellence Award(PDF, 213KB)  
05 Apr Boronia Park's New Community Hub(PDF, 98KB)


Date Title
31 Mar  March To A Million At Your Local Library(PDF, 147KB)  
27 Mar  Disability Inclusion Action Plan - Have Your Say(PDF, 120KB)  
27 Mar  Christie Park Scores New Synthetic Surface(PDF, 140KB)  
27 Mar  West Ryde Easter Parade And Fair(PDF, 149KB)  
27 Mar  Cinema in the Park Rescheduled Dates(PDF, 325KB)  
10 Mar  Inside - A new production in Sydney's newest and possibly smallest theatre(PDF, 445KB)
10 Mar   Big Turnout for International Women's Day Forum(PDF, 220KB)  
09 Mar  Kids Go Full S-T-E-A-M Ahead At West Ryde Library(PDF, 130KB)  
09 Mar  Ryde's $15billion Economic Output Leads the Nation(PDF, 226KB)
07 Mar  Clean Out Cupboards and Shed for Household Chemical Cleanout(PDF, 167KB)  
06 Mar  Help Design Ryde's New Outdoor Youth Space(PDF, 124KB)  
01 Mar 

Ryde's Bold Celebration of International Women's Day(PDF, 220KB)


Date Title
23 Feb  Seniors Encouraged Off The Couch(PDF, 149KB)  
14 Feb  Ryde Mayor Disappointed With State Government Decision(PDF, 146KB)  
10 Feb ELS Hall Field No. 1 Gets $3Million 'Cool' Upgrade(PDF, 330KB)  


Date Title
31 Jan  Ryde's Youth Conference Will Make IT Happen(PDF, 181KB)  
26 Jan  Winners Citizen Of The Year 2017(PDF, 323KB)  
23 Jan  Budding Bushcare Group Breaks New Ground(PDF, 126KB)  
11 Jan  Ryde Welcomes New Citizens On Australia Day(PDF, 144KB)
11 Jan Celebrate In Ryde This Australia Day(PDF, 199KB)
09 Jan 2017 Citizen & Young Citizen Of The Year Awards(PDF, 171KB)
09 Jan City Of Ryde Welcomes Australia Day Ambassador Ricardo Goncalves(PDF, 151KB)
09 Jan  Cinema In The Park Festival 2017(PDF, 174KB)  


Date Title
20 Dec  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - December meeting(PDF, 232KB)
12 Dec New Eastwood car park to solve chronic traffic and parking issues(PDF, 112KB)
6 Dec  Outcomes of Council Meeting 27 November 2018(PDF, 231KB)
5 Dec Assurance review needs to focus on State Government planning policies(PDF, 273KB)
5 Dec City of Ryde rejects planning proposal for 112 Talavera Road(PDF, 241KB)


Date Title
29 Nov City of Ryde to explore renewable energy targets up to 60% by 2030(PDF, 231KB)
23 Nov Strong support for a new short stay car park in Eastwood(PDF, 226KB)
21 Nov City of Ryde achieves significant reductions in emissions(PDF, 153KB)
20 Nov City of Ryde signs Refugee Welcome Scroll(PDF, 223KB)
14 Nov City of Ryde recognises St Charles School's 160th anniversary(PDF, 225KB)
12 Nov New design released to transform former bowls club into outdoor oasis(PDF, 239KB)
8 Nov  Outcomes of Council Meeting 30 October 2018(PDF, 234KB)
7 Nov Multicultural events taking centre stage in Ryde(PDF, 227KB)


Date Title
26 Oct Spring Garden Competition winners revealed(PDF, 242KB)
25 Oct Work begins on upgrades to West Ryde Plaza(PDF, 223KB)
24 Oct  Community consultation begins on planning proposal(PDF, 230KB)
22 Oct Huge crowd turns out for Eastwood's Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 228KB)
19 Oct Putney Park earmarked to become public swimming site by 2025(PDF, 227KB)
15 Oct Students in with the chance to design Mayor's Christmas Card(PDF, 227KB)
4 Oct Ryde Seeks Legal Injunction after Heritage Order Defied(PDF, 230KB)
3 Oct Outcomes of Council Meeting 25 September 2018(PDF, 234KB)


Date Title
29 Sep New playground opens at ELS Hall Park(PDF, 228KB)
29 Sep Schools receive Granny Smith trees to mark 150th anniversary celebrations(PDF, 228KB)
26 Sep  Council saves another heritage house from demolition(PDF, 225KB)
24 Sep Granny Smith Festival Promises to be Bigger than Ever(PDF, 249KB)
21 Sep 'Ryde's Barangaroo' - New Morrison Bay Seawall Open to Public(PDF, 227KB)
20 Sep SWAP 2018 Winners revealed at Exhibition's Opening Night(PDF, 232KB)
18 Sep Taking it to the Streets: More street libraries coming to Ryde(PDF, 238KB)
14 Sep Parramatta Council and State Planning Panel turn back on Ryde community and RMS advice while over-development wins(PDF, 231KB)
13 Sep City of Ryde resolves to save historical house from demolition(PDF, 226KB)  
11 Sep Clr Simon Zhou elected as Deputy Mayor for City of Ryde Council(PDF, 224KB)
07 Sep Response to inaccurate comments made about combustible cladding in our City(PDF, 107KB)
07 Sep Outcomes of Council Meeting 28 August 2018(PDF, 235KB)
06 Sep A win for Ryde as court refuses development for Dunbar Estate(PDF, 308KB)
05 Sep  Ryde demands say on future Melrose Park developments(PDF, 225KB)


Date Title
31 Aug Ryde supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart(PDF, 320KB)
29 Aug  City of Ryde pays tribute to Roy Newsome(PDF, 226KB)
29 Aug  Slap on a sticker so motorists slow down in our streets(PDF, 226KB)
28 Aug Fabulous family theatre at Top Ryde starts this week(PDF, 434KB)
23 Aug Council's Art Collection now on Public Display(PDF, 308KB)
22 Aug Consultation begins on short stay car park in Eastwood(PDF, 225KB)
21 Aug Cork and Fork Festival hailed a huge success(PDF, 226KB)
16 Aug City of Ryde to raise funds for NSW farmers impacted by Drought(PDF, 229KB)
13 Aug Ryde calls on Premier to cool down on development rather than business at Macquarie Park(PDF, 229KB)
01 Aug Construction begins for new skate and scooter park in Meadowbank(PDF, 239KB)


Date Title
30 Jul City of Ryde rapidly divesting from fossil fuel investments(PDF, 229KB)
27 Jul Future of key Ryde sporting venues looking a lot brighter(PDF, 228KB)
25 Jul City of Ryde to build new public car park in Eastwood(PDF, 227KB)
17 Jul Ryde Library Service hits the million mark again(PDF, 178KB)
09 Jul City of Ryde welcomes Netball Champions(PDF, 137KB)
09 Jul Medium Density Housing Code deferred with only a 12 Month Reprieve - Legal Challenge commenced by City of Ryde(PDF, 231KB)
04 Jul Proposed new markets for City of Ryde(PDF, 226KB)


Date Title
 29 Jun Delivering and even brighter future for Ryde(PDF, 163KB)
28 Jun Get the gardening gloves out for 2018 Spring Garden Competition(PDF, 317KB)
28 Jun City of Ryde joins Australia's biggest Council Climate Partnership(PDF, 140KB)
21 Jun City of Ryde wins eighth consecutive Gold Annual Report Award(PDF, 135KB)
18 Jun City of Ryde stands with #WithRefugees during Refugee Week(PDF, 155KB)
15 Jun  Cork and Fork returns in August Bigger and Better(PDF, 313KB)
07 Jun Ryde to cheer on Australia at World Cup Live Site(PDF, 226KB)
07 Jun  Entries Now Open for 2018 Sustainable Waste 2 Art Prize(PDF, 232KB)
06 Jun Ivanhoe Estate: Hundreds of Trees to be Destroyed and Public Areas Devoid of Sunlight(PDF, 232KB)
04 Jun Outcomes of Council Meeting 22 May 2018(PDF, 237KB)
01 Jun Ryde to partner with Venture Cafe to drive innovation in Macquarie Park(PDF, 227KB)


Date Title
28 May Single-use plastics to be phased out by the City of Ryde(PDF, 224KB)
25 May  Ryde demands NSW Government to Abolish Priority Precincts and Fix Infrastructure before Housing Code Re-Introduced(PDF, 326KB)
25 May Volunteers Recognised at City of Ryde Awards(PDF, 231KB)
24 May Council vows to do more to stamp out racism in Ryde(PDF, 224KB)
- Mayoral Minute - 14/18 - Racist Posters - Mayor Jerome Laxale(PDF, 336KB)
18 May  More all-weather sports fields to be installed(PDF, 225KB)
15 May NSW Government defers new Housing Code(PDF, 376KB)
08 May Outcomes of Council Meeting 24 April 2018(PDF, 239KB)
04 May Cinema in the Park series a huge success(PDF, 305KB)


Date Title
24 Apr Christie Park opening to take place this Friday(PDF, 224KB)
20 Apr City of Ryde seeks urgent exemption from housing code(PDF, 408KB)
- Before Housing Code(PDF, 523KB)
- After Housing Code(PDF, 752KB)
11 Apr Restoration works completed on historic monuments in Ryde(PDF, 226KB)
11 Apr Outcomes of Council Meeting 27 March 2018(PDF, 238KB)
09 Apr Road Safety Improvements Introduced at Meadowbank Public School(PDF, 228KB)


Date Title
29 Mar Ryde kicks a goal with FIFA World Cup live site(PDF, 225KB)
28 Mar City of Ryde Fights To Save Bundara Reserve(PDF, 227KB)
16 Mar Everyone Belongs In Ryde This Harmony Day(PDF, 225KB)
12 Mar  Large crowds expected for the 25th anniversary of the West Ryde Easter Parade and Fair(PDF, 228KB)
8 Mar Improved Community Grants Program to deliver for the City of Ryde(PDF, 244KB)
6 Mar Thousands Attend 10th Anniversary Of The Eastwood Lunar New Year Festival(PDF, 227KB)
5 Mar Outcomes of Council Meeting 27 February 2018(PDF, 233KB)
2 Mar Safety improvements outside Ryde Public School(PDF, 138KB)
1 Mar City of Ryde to do more to address Youth Unemployment(PDF, 226KB)
1 Mar

Winners of 'My Ryde Vision 2028' announced(PDF, 227KB)


Date Title
26 Feb  First Mayor's Morning Tea for 2018 A Success(PDF, 224KB)
19 Feb Ryde Lights to Light up Eastwood this Saturday(PDF, 227KB)
17 Feb Daily Telegraph Article a Farce - Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre Water Quality Safe(PDF, 87KB)
12 Feb City of Ryde and The Smith Family reach milestone(PDF, 261KB)
7 Feb  City of Ryde Council appoints new General Manager(PDF, 222KB)
5 Feb Council seeks assurances around funding for Eastwood upgrades(PDF, 227KB)


Date Title
29 Jan  Local students take out inaugural Battle of the Bands(PDF, 227KB)   
26 Jan Nathan Moulds named Ryde Citizen of the Year 2018(PDF, 223KB)
23 Jan

Celebrate the Elouera Reserve upgrade(PDF, 224KB)

16 Jan Ryde Council Celebrates Australia Day on January 26(PDF, 296KB)
12 Jan 2018 Citizen & Young Citizen of the Year Awards(PDF, 377KB)
12 Jan Ryde Rocks Australia Day(PDF, 313KB)
12 Jan Spencer Jones from The Voice Headlines Australia Day Concert At North Ryde Common(PDF, 327KB)
12 Jan  Australia Day Ceremony to Welcome 50 New Citizens Who Call Australia Home(PDF, 458KB)
12 Jan Bands battle it out on Australia Day(PDF, 420KB)


Date Title
19 Dec  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - December meeting(PDF, 241KB)
16 Dec  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - November meeting(PDF, 244KB)  
13 Dec  Heritage reforms endorsed by the City of Ryde(PDF, 233KB)
3 Dec Christmas cheer for the community and beyond(PDF, 234KB)
2 Dec  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - October meeting(PDF, 245KB)              


 Date Title
29 Nov  City of Ryde to raise funds for those impacted by bushfires and drought(PDF, 231KB)  
27 Nov  City of Ryde recognises Alex Wilkinson(PDF, 233KB)
27 Nov Council to unlock the Ryde River Walk's missing link(PDF, 233KB)
22 Nov  Financial statements show Ryde is in a strong position(PDF, 248KB)  
21 Nov  Venue moved for Council meeting on 26 November(PDF, 173KB)  
20 Nov  Council to submit designs for pedestrian traffic lights in Eastwood(PDF, 234KB)  
13 Nov  Statement regarding inaccurate reporting by the Australian Financial Review(PDF, 232KB)
4 Nov Celebrate Summer approaching in West Ryde(PDF, 231KB)


Date Title
29 Oct  City of Ryde endorses Parramatta River Masterplan(PDF, 233KB)  
24 Oct  Rowe Street Shopper Carpark Gets the Green Light(PDF, 224KB)
22 Oct  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - September meeting(PDF, 239KB)
21 Oct  New artwork unveiled for Eastwood pedestrian underpass(PDF, 228KB)  
18 Oct  City of Ryde Mayor elected Local Government NSW Treasurer(PDF, 247KB)  
9 Oct  Affordable housing delays hurting those most in need(PDF, 232KB)


Date Title
26 Sep New Ryde Civic Centre concept wins the heart of the community(PDF, 335KB)
19 Sep  Winners of 2019 SWAP awards revealed(PDF, 235KB)  
16 Sep  Something for everyone at this year's Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 254KB)   
12 Sep  Reforms to protect Ryde's heritage now on public exhibition(PDF, 253KB)    
10 Sep  Clr Jerome Laxale re-elected as City of Ryde Mayor(PDF, 229KB)  
5 Sep  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - 27 August 2019(PDF, 242KB)


Date Title
29 Aug  The City of Ryde first to commit to Zero Litter to River target(PDF, 232KB)  
29 Aug  Wilga Park re-opens to the public with new upgrade(PDF, 231KB)
23 Aug  The City of Ryde and Service NSW making it easier to do business(PDF, 247KB)
14 Aug  New speed check signs to improve pedestrian safety(PDF, 245KB)  
9 Aug  City of Ryde leading advocate for change in building sector(PDF, 245KB)
2 Aug  RALC solar project is finalist for national climate award(PDF, 246KB)
2 Aug  Council raises concerns about combustible cladding(PDF, 171KB)
1 Aug  City of Ryde Council Meeting summary - 23 July 2019(PDF, 241KB)


Date Title
23 July Council endorses reforms to protect Ryde's heritage(PDF, 235KB)
22 July Business on board with The New Heart of Ryde(PDF, 258KB)
16 July  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - 25 June 2019(PDF, 245KB)


Date Title
24 June  Have your say on 'The New Heart of Ryde'(PDF, 259KB)
21 June  City of Ryde refutes criticisms of Hunters Hill Library Agreement
4 June  City of Ryde Council Meeting summary - 28 May 2019(PDF, 245KB)


Date Title
29 May  'The New Heart of Ryde' to deliver enhanced facilities for the entire community(PDF, 246KB)
24 May  Unsung heroes recognised at City of Ryde volunteer awards(PDF, 235KB)
20 May  Department of Planning forecasts increased housing for Ryde(PDF, 277KB)
7 May  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - April meeting(PDF, 244KB)
3 May  Council to provide childcare for advisory committee members(PDF, 231KB)


Date Title
24 April  Council pushes for pedestrian crossing at new skate and scooter park(PDF, 231KB)
17 April  Construction of new skate and scooter park completed(PDF, 249KB)   
12 April  Council acknowledges Land and Environment Court decision(PDF, 234KB)
1 April  City of Ryde Council meeting summary - March meeting(PDF, 239KB)  
1 April  Council to build Ryde River Walk's missing link(PDF, 232KB)  


Date Title
7 March  City of Ryde Council Meeting summary - 26 February 2019(PDF, 243KB)
5 March  Interim heritage order placed on Denistone houses(PDF, 228KB)   
4 March  City of Ryde to implement 10 days domestic violence leave(PDF, 226KB) 


Date Title
28 Feb  Council demands rethink on Ivanhoe Estate concept design(PDF, 232KB)
26 Feb  Venture Cafe to drive innovation at Macquarie Park(PDF, 232KB)  
18 Feb  New Rowe Street East shopper car park in Eastwood one step closer(PDF, 225KB)  
6 Feb First images released of new shopper car park and plaza in Eastwood(PDF, 227KB)
1 Feb Olympic-sized ice rink confirmed for Macquarie Centre redevelopment(PDF, 231KB)


Date Title
30 Jan Council stands with community to oppose proposed closure of Macquarie Ice Rink(PDF, 310KB)
29 Jan  The Illuminatrope to light up Banjo Paterson Park(PDF, 227KB)  
25 Jan  Hassib Elias named Ryde Citizen of the Year(PDF, 230KB)
22 Jan  More street libraries rolling out across the City of Ryde(PDF, 242KB)
11 Jan 2019 Ryde Citizen and Young Citizen nominees announced(PDF, 231KB)  
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