West Ryde Urban Village Development

West Ryde Urban Village is being redeveloped. The development will initially provide new community facilities and later a mixed use building.

West Ryde Community Centre

Construction of the West Ryde Community Centre is the first stage of the project. The Centre, planned to be ready by mid 2011, will become a central hub of community services for the residents of West Ryde. It will bring together a number of community support organisations including:

  • West Ryde Neighbourhood Children’s Centre
  • Ryde Family Support Services
  • Early Childhood Health Centre 

The Centre will also provide:

  • A new community hall
  • A small number of shops and commercial tenancies
  • Underground car parking for clients of the centre.

View the Halls and Facilities Strategy(PDF, 5MB)

Retail and Residential

Following completion of the West Ryde Community Centre, the developer will be constructing a new retail centre, with residential units above, in Betts Street. The new retail centre will house two levels of underground parking and a retail level, including a new Coles supermarket.

A new village square will provide a piazza-style outdoor area for meeting, entertainment, relaxation and the arts. 
As part of the redevelopment, Betts Street will be relocated towards Darvall Park. The development site includes the following properties:

  • Small lot on northern edge of 7 Chatham Road, West Ryde – Lot 1, DP 1072082
  • 9-19 Chatham Road, West Ryde – Lots 149–154, DP 11208
  • 7A & 7B Chatham Road, West Ryde – Lots A & B, DP 398801
  • 5 & 5A Anthony Road, West Ryde – Lots 1 & 2, DP 590509
  • 3 Anthony Road, West Ryde – Lot B, DP 414394
  • 10 Anthony Road, West Ryde – Lot 2, DP 1072079
  • Part of Anthony Road, West Ryde
  • Part of Chatham Road, West Ryde

View the:

Development Application for West Ryde Urban Village

In 2007, Council received an application for the development of West Ryde Urban Village (No. LDA2007/559). The proposal involved:

  • The erection of a 7 storey building of mixed retail, commercial and residential use with 5 basement levels
  • The provision of a village square on the area adjoining the building
  • Landscaping and associated road works
  • Erection of a 4 storey building to house community services
  • Some retail floor space
  • Two basement car parking levels.

The proposal also sought approval for a West Ryde Urban Village Voluntary Planning Agreement(PDF, 7MB).

Development Consent

Council granted Development Consent(PDF, 2MB) on 11 December 2007, which was subsequently modified on 19 May 2009, 23 July 2009 and 20 October 2009. The proponents also sought a variation to the approved Voluntary Planning Agreement(PDF, 2MB). The main components of the approved development are:

Precinct 1 (Mixed Use Development):

  • 8 storey building with 2 basement levels
  • 213 dwelling units
  • 532 car parking spaces
  • 6,088 m2 of retail and commercial floor pace
  • 1,519 m2 of Village Square

Precinct 2 (Community Facilities):

  • Four storey building to house
    • Community services
    • Child care centre
    • Some retail/commercial floor space

Demolition of the cottage at 7 Anthony Road, West Ryde

Following a period of public consultation, the Council of the City of Ryde recently approved the demolition of the cottage at 7 Anthony Road, West Ryde. 
It is proposed that the site will become a temporary car park during the ongoing construction of the West Ryde Urban Village. 

To facilitate this, a number of trees will be removed from the property. These trees will be replaced when the property is no longer being used as a car park. 
The Arboricultural Impact Assessment provides further details of tree management at this property. 

After completion of the West Ryde Urban Village, options for future use of this site will be developed by the City of Ryde for discussion with the community.