Types of heritage found in Ryde

Natural Heritage

Geology and landscape: The ridge top landscapes on the Ashfield Shale with soils that were suitable for market gardens and orchards. The steeper parts of this landscape south of Blaxland Road are identified as part of the West Pennant Hills soil landscape and still carries patches of original bluegum and blackbutt forest.

Ecology and biodiversity: Estuarine and sandstone slope communities in the Field of Mars Wildlife Refuge and turpentine/ironbark forest in Wallumatta Nature Reserve.

Aboriginal Heritage

Rock engravings in Glades Bay, the location of the graves of Bennelong and Nanbaree at Kissing Point, and a number of rock shelters and shell middens.

Cultural and Historical Heritage

For a list of heritage items and places in the City of Ryde, go to Schedule 5 of Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014.

Notable Buildings

Archaeological and Moveable Heritage

Buried objects and moveable artefacts of cultural value that may be in private ownership or museum collections are protected under several pieces of legislation. Development applications may require heritage clearance before site excavation and permits are required for any archaeological investigation. Accidental discoveries of buried items need to be reported to the Heritage Branch, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage