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Bicycle Parking

Map references have been provided for the location of bicycle lockers and parking rails. Please refer to the City of Ryde Bike Map.

Fully enclosed bike lockers

  • Eastwood Station x22 (Map Ref: F13)
  • Meadowbank wharf x4 (Map Ref: F15)
  • Meadowbank Station x4 (Map Ref: F14)
  • Kissing Point Wharf x4 (Map Ref: H17)
  • Macquarie University Station x8 (Map Ref: L5)
  • Macquarie Park Station x8 (Map Ref: N7)
  • North Ryde Station x4 (Map Ref: Q9)

Bicycle Parking Rails

  • Blenheim Rd Shops (Map Ref: N10)
  • Boronia Park Shops (Map Ref: P15)
  • Eastwood Library (Map Ref: D8)
  • Eastwood Plaza, both ends (Map Ref: D9)
  • Eastwood Shopping Village (Map Ref: D9)
  • Eastwood Railway Station east and west (Map Ref: D8)
  • Five Ways Shops, North/Balaclava. (Map Ref: G7)
  • Gladesville Shops (Map Ref: N18)
  • Macquarie University Railway Station (Map Ref: K5)
  • Macquarie Park Railway Station (Map Ref: N7)
  • Macquarie Shopping Centre - off Herring Rd and Waterloo Rd. (Map Ref: L5)
  • Macquarie University - various locations (Map Ref: K5)
  • Midway Shops North/Lovell (Map Ref: H9)
  • North Ryde Railway Station (Map Ref: Q9)
  • Putney Village. Morrison/Charles (Map Ref: J16)
  • Ryde Aquatic Centre, Margaret St. (Map Ref: L15)
  • Ryde Civic Centre/Library. Devlin St. (Map Ref: J13)
  • Top Ryde Shopping Centre (Blaxland Rd) (Map Ref: J13)
  • Trafalgar Shops. Trafalgar Place (Map Ref: J3)
  • West Ryde Railway Station, Village and Library (Map Ref: F12)
Last updated on 15 October 2019