Going Fine Free

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From 1 July 2023, City of Ryde Libraries ceased charging overdue fines.

Due dates still apply!

In our ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion, we want everyone in the community to be able to enjoy all the resources our libraries have to offer, and to return them in a timely manner.

Under the new scheme, any late items will result in a temporary suspension of your membership until the items are returned.

Many happy returns!

City of Ryde Libraries held a fine free amnesty from 1 July to 30 September 2023, and then extended the amnesty to 31 December 2023, to allow as many of our customers with overdue fees to return their items to the collection, and have their fees waived. This amnesty was resulted in 374 number of returned items, and 5904 renewed memberships! 


Why have we gone overdue fine free?

It's good for our community! 

Removing overdue fines eliminates barriers and ensures equitable access to our whole community.

Our community is stronger and healthier when people have access to programs, services, and materials they need to pursue their educational, career, family, and life goals. Libraries are a place open to anyone and everyone. We hope this will encourage prior users to come back to the library and attract new users to experience our offerings.

What does fine free mean?

Fine free means that as of 1 July 2023 the library no longer charges overdue fines for late items.

Due dates will still apply and memberships with overdue items will have their borrowing privileges suspended until the items are returned.

Items that are overdue greater than 30 days will automatically go onto the lost recovery process and recovery actions will be taken.

Do I still have to return items on time?

Due dates still apply. The return of items on time ensures equal access to the community collection by all members. You are able to renew a maximum of two times, providing the item does not have a reserve on it.

If you don’t return your items by the due date, your borrowing privileges will be suspended. Once an item is 31 days overdue, it will be considered lost, and you will be charged the replacement and processing fee. Further recovery actions may be undertaken if the items remain overdue.

We encourage members to contact the library and speak with a staff member if you are having any difficulties.

What if I have overdue fines on my card but have already returned the items?

Please contact the Library and speak with a Library staff member who will check your membership.

If you have overdue fines prior to 1 July 2023, please speak to a staff member to settle your account, to have your borrowing privileges restored. 

What happens if I have overdue items on my record?

For memberships with items overdue prior to 1 July 2023, please speak to a staff member when you return your items to settle your account, and have your borrowing privileges restored.

If you have lost your items, the replacement cost of the items and associated processing fee will need to be paid, and then your borrowing privileges will be restored. 

What does suspended borrowing privileges mean?

Suspended borrowing privileges means you will no longer be able to borrow from our collections, including eCollections, if you have overdue items on your membership.

This will impact being able to directly log onto Public PC’s and access printing services, and meeting room bookings. To access these services you will need to speak to a staff member to get temporary access. Please note that temporary access tickets for PCs are issued with discretion and may be limited.

Once you return your overdue items, the suspended borrowing status will be removed and you can freely access the services and collections through your membership card.

What if I can’t find my overdue items?

Please speak with a library staff member to discuss your individual membership.  The replacement cost of the items and associated processing fee will need to be paid, and then your borrowing privileges will be restored.

If you are experiencing financial hardship or other reasons you cannot return your items, please contact a staff member to confidentially discuss your situation. You may be advised to provide a Statutory Declaration for your circumstances Or to write to the Manager Libraries and Customer Service, City of Ryde Libraries 1 Pope St, Ryde NSW 2112 for a resolution tailored to you.

What are the recovery actions for long overdue items?

Recovery actions will vary according to an individual’s membership. Please speak with a library staff member.

The lost recovery letter is automatically generated at 31 days overdue as your items are assumed as “lost”. Any lost items will have the lost items cost and a processing fee applied per item, along with the suspended borrowing privileges.

Customers with overdue items that are on reserve to other customers, or with long overdues, may incur further recovery actions as required as per our membership terms and conditions.

If my borrowing privileges are suspended will I still be able to use other Library services?

Suspended borrowing privileges will not block access to use the library or attend activities.

It will affect being able to directly access PCs and booking meeting rooms through your membership. To access these services you will need to speak with a staff member for temporary access. Access to these services may be further restricted if items are long overdue and recovery actions are in place.

How can I view and manage my loans?

You can view your current loans and their due dates and manage your renewals online by logging in through our City of Ryde Libraries app or website member portal.