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Event Planning Guide

COVID 19 Restrictions

Please note: Large scale events are currently not permitted to take place in the City of Ryde. The following information is general in nature and may be used as a guide for pre-planning event production once public health orders are lifted in the future.

Council Approvals and Application Forms

So, you want to run an event in the City of Ryde - that’s great!

All events on public land will need to be approved by Council, and depending on the type of event, it will be processed by different teams at Council. Before you start your application, it is important to ensure you have the correct application form first.

  • Is your event to be held in a park, reserve or sportsground? If so, there are two forms that might apply. If your Park event is small-scale, with less than 500 attendees, you can submit a Social Recreation Form(PDF, 102KB). If your Park event is large-scale, with over 500 attendees, you’ll need to submit a Parks Major Event Application(PDF, 362KB).
  • Is your event to be held in one of our public spaces, such as Eastwood Plaza or West Ryde Plaza? Then you will need to complete a Plazas and Roads Event Application Form(PDF, 205KB).
  • Is your event a street festival, to be held on a closed public road? You will need to complete a Plazas and Roads Event Application Form(PDF, 205KB). Council staff will need to follow up on important information related to traffic control, so please submit this form six months prior to your expected event date.
  • Is your event a small-scale street party? You will need to complete a Street Party Application Form(PDF, 89KB). This form is only appropriate for small, relatively informal gatherings on quiet streets, with low impact on the area.
  • If you want to run a small activation on public land to promote your local business or community group, you can read about our Casual Footpath Activity Permits.
  • The Parks team have a selection of forms specific to sportsground use, such as Casual Hire or Sports Carnival Hire.
  • Does your event require the use of a council Hall or venue? To view current venues and to complete a booking enquiry form please visit or email

The City of Ryde Event Planning Guide provides information that will help you plan and hold an event within the City of Ryde.

Whether you are holding a large outdoor festival for the whole community or a smaller indoor activity for a specific audience, there are some basic steps that will help ensure your event is a success.

The guide covers: 

  • What to consider before you begin planning an event 
  • Things you need to address when planning your event 
  • Checklists and other sample documentation 
  • Information on approvals, permits, public liability insurance and other requirements
  • How to evaluate and measure the success of the event (coming soon) 

Remember, an event organiser needs to be aware of any current and applicable statutes, regulations, by-laws, approved and associated codes of practice relating to the event or its individual elements and to take appropriate action. This guide is intended to direct you towards the various sources of assistance and contacts, however it remains the Event Organiser's responsibility to seek additional information where required and to ensure that all approvals have been obtained.

The Event Planning Guide

  1. Before You Begin
  2. Planning Essentials
  3. Budget and Funding
  4. Approvals and Notifications
  5. Choosing a Venue
  6. Equipment and Facilities 
  7. Entertainment and Activities
  8. Safety and Security
  9. Traffic, Parking and Accessibility

For more information or assistance on organising a community event in the City of Ryde, contact Council's Event Team on 9952 8222.

Last updated on 13 May 2021