Debtors Form

City of Ryde is currently automating a number of processes, one of which is the delivery of Statements, Invoices and Reminders to our current account holders.

The term ‘Debtors’ does not necessarily mean you have a debt with Council - it refers to people who had dealings with us, and as a result an account was set up at some stage or is still currently active.

You may have an account with Council because you have used a service in the past or may in the future, like swimming pool registrations, food safety inspections, home modifications, commercial waste, fire safety and building inspections to name a few.

From 1 January 2015, where possible, Statements, Invoices and Reminders will be sent electronically, thus ensuring we are adhering to City of Ryde’s sustainability policy and the planned implementation of online payments later in 2015. Please indicate at the bottom of the form if you would like to receive your Statements, Invoices and Reminders electronically. 

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